22 Traits Women Find Seriously Attractive in Men

The attraction is a universal law. A boy sees a girl across the room, girl glances him back and they instantly fall in love. Well, life is not always that fortunate. It takes a lot more than a glance or a smoldering stare. Reality does make you work in a lot of ways. Relationships and love are definitely one of those things which ask for work. The attraction is similar to gravitation. They both have the basic concept of falling but require a certain force.

A woman can be picky when it comes to choosing a guy. They need a lot more than the stares and a decent look. Believe it or not, but every girl has certain standards in her mind when it comes to finding the one. It’s like a bucket list for finding love. And then there are those elements, which make guys irresistible to girls. So, here we breakdown, the cheat sheet, for men’s attractive traits to a woman.

1. Cologne or Natural Scent

There is something so charming about a guy who smells good. A good fragrance on a man, makes women sway for him. Its ads so many points to your attractiveness, one can hardly think of. A girl always remembers what a guy smells like. So every time she smells your distinctive scent, she will always associate with you.

2. Introduction to Your Friends

When you introduce a girl to your friends, you have no idea how special feels. You introducing her to your friends ensure a sense of commitment you are giving her. Telling the world about you two means you are establishing something real and are not afraid to hide it from the world. It’s like marking your territory.

3. Surprises

Girls expect the unexpected. Those cute little surprises you plan for her shows your effort towards her. The presents represent you give her are a souvenir she keeps for remembering you. Unpredictability is an extra bonus to your attractiveness.

4. Forehead Kisses

Those little kisses you plant on her head work as seeds to your growing love. This gesture makes her feel secure and warm. It radiates your love for her. Most importantly, she feels special. It keeps her smiling knowing that someone is there who cares for no matter what.

5. Opening Doors

Every woman is independent enough to stand for herself and speak for herself. She is no less than a man. But when you open a door for her, a wind blows around her which make her feel pampered. This simple act of chivalry opens a door for you in the heart. It shows the amount of respect you have for the woman in you.

6. Listen to Her

This is one of the most essential things a girl looks in her guy. When to listen to her talk about her great day with friends or her worst times at work, she feels yours connect with her. Her trust for you builds and she knows even at her lowest days, so will always by her side. You become her 2 am contact.

7. Cheek Kisses

A kiss on the forehead makes her feel secure but a kiss on the cheek makes her feel wanted. Cheek kisses are the ultimate sign of kindling romance. They give you the butterfly in the stomach feeling, all day long. It is one of the sweetest forms of public display of affection.

8. Intellect

Nothing speaks to a girl more than a guy who knows what he is talking about. The display of your intellect makes a suitable candidate in her quest for love. Your quality to build conversations with her and never running out of topics impresses her to the core.

9. Humour

You making her laugh is an ultimate ability. A girl loves when you can make her laugh makes her hormones gush for you. Cracking jokes or adding a witty comment to a sentence makes feel weak on her knees.

10. Kindness

You were polite and kind to her or someone else is an instant attractive trait for her girl. It shows your respect for women or in general for people. Kindness not only adds to your attractiveness but your personality as well. And every girl crushes over a good personality.

11. Generosity

Your generosity for her can be displayed in many ways. Being generous in time for her, money and also affection speaks a lot about your feelings for her. Generous men are always appreciated by women.

12. Confidence

A confident man always makes his way through women. Nothing sexier, than a guy who is confident in his ways. A man who is sure of himself and knows his worth is a like treasure to women.

13. Sleepy voice

Imagine her calling you in the night and when you pick up, your deep, husky and sleepy voice immediately makes her want you more than ever. It is a satisfying sound to not only her ears but everything she is. Sleepy voice is very enticing to a girl.

14. Peaking Veins Through Muscles

The greenish veins swiftly peaking through your muscles are an instant attraction trait. It signifies strength for a girl and she immediately associates it with you protecting her in times of need.

15. Facial Hair

Whether it’s the short beard or the long beard look, girls usually love a guy with facial hair. It adds up to the maturity of a guy. A mature is always attractive to a woman.

16. Dogs and Kids

A guy engaging with dogs or kids not only makes him adorable in the eyes of a woman but also increases her security and her faith for committing to her. This does give her a glimpse of his loyalty and sensitivity towards emotions.

17. Vocabulary

A guy, who can swoop in those extravagant words of vocabulary into conversations, increases the interest of the girl. It's also a great way of displaying your intellect and confidence.

18. Guitar

Not only guitar but any musical instrument for that matter can make a girl feel special. The musical gesture you just made for her, swept her feet off the ground. This gesture makes her feel special and happy in her own ways. It develops a compassionate feeling in her mind.

19. Rolling Up of Sleeves

Show some skin and roll those buttons down sleeves. This provides women the vibe of you being a hard-working man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

20. Nerdy Tendencies

You being a total nerd about a certain topic make a girl fall for you. It shows her how passionate you can be about the things you put hard and soul to. This increases her commitment instinct.

21. Chase

Nothing gets the attention of a girl faster than the guy who rejects her. Girls always fall for the guy who is not easy to get. The thrilling chase increases the need to be with them even more. The girl always works hard for getting a guy who is not giving the attention she deserves.

22. Eye Contact

Good eye contact can spark fires inside both the attracted souls. Good eye contact can be a bridge to each other feelings. It ignites so many emotions you never knew existed.

It is so much you need to do to find the woman for you. It takes patience, sheer determination and endurance to find the one for you. But when you find her, it is something like you have never felt before. There is a sense of warmth, love, and security. It feels like home.

- By Sariyu Passi