11 Thanksgiving Recipes Healthy Clean Eating (Must Try)

Choosing what to eat on a thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task? Don’t worry guys, it is not your fault that an amazing spread of delicacies awaits you on the dining table. It is no wonder that you tend to overeat during this day. However, it is also important for you to keep a check on your food intake for a healthy lifestyle. In other words, don’t end up breaking your diet rules for thanksgiving. You can still stick to your diet by giving a good spin to your thanksgiving recipes. For instance, include a lot of veggies in your dinner.

In fact, you can experiment with different flavoured salads which would keep you away from heavy unhealthy food items. For instance, one easy veggie recipe would be roasted beans with a dash of spice. Beans are highly rich in proteins and nutrients. Moreover, they are really helpful in controlling hunger. Likewise, one can also opt for healthier recipes for making a turkey. For example, one can substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthier alternatives. For instance, turkey can be prepared using olive oil and aromatic herbs such as black pepper, rosemary; it will give a light, mild, and spicy flavour to your dish. Alongside, olive oil has amazing health benefits. Also, to keep your thanksgiving dinner super- healthy, it is important for you to stay away from dairy products such as cheese, cream, etc as they have a high-fat content.

If you are not able to eliminate these products from your dishes, at least try and minimize them in your regular recipes. Also, less bread should be used in the dishes. However, in cases, the use of bread becomes inevitable then, use whole grain bread which is a healthier alternative. For many of all desserts are our guilty pleasure. Especially during the time of thanksgiving, it is likely that you give up on your healthy diet plans and gorge upon the sweet delicacies. Therefore, it is highly important to make our sweet dishes healthy than ever. For instance, instead of using artificial sugar, honey would be a better option to add sweetness to your dish.

In any case, munching upon muffins made of honey is way healthier and safer than eating muffins made of sugar. Otherwise, you could also use maple syrup as an alternative to sugar. Similarly, one can bring in a lot of innovations to the traditional dishes to keep the dinner menu healthy and tasty on the Thanksgiving Day.  Given below are the list of amazing healthy recipes which you can try for this thanksgiving dinner. Do try them out and notice the amazing difference. In short, health means happiness in life. 

Healthy Clean Eating

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