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8 Reasons Your Makeup Doesn't Look as Good as You Want

I counter with some of the mornings when I get up late and all I do is applying a bright lipstick and little concealer before I go out but I work hard on other days. Though every girl wants to look flawless and the makeup touch helps them but that makeup should be perfect. Have you ever faced the situation when you took 3 hours and your makeup isn't worth it? There are some reasons why your makeup does not go the way you want. There may be sometimes your makeup does not last long and maybe some other points that you forget while you do the initials. Here are some of the points that you must keep in mind while doing makeup

1. Mismatch of Foundation and Skin Tone
Foundation is the base of the makeup, if you to make your makeup perfect then you should be fair with foundation. Remember if you are selecting the foundation, then you should be particular about the skin tone. The color of your face neck and chest should be similar so that it won't look weird if you apply it. The mismatch of your skin tone and foundation can be a blunder, choose a foundation that is light and soft to your skin. When you are shopping for foundation, do not forget to try out testers and samples of that product. Blend the foundation properly with the sponge so that you can get an absolute fine layer for your makeup.

2. Under Eye Concealer
You will definitely not like the vampire look after your improper makeup. The concealer helps to hide your dark spots, blemishes and dark circles. It helps you to get a toned complexion and make you look more gorgeous. Applying concealer on your under-eye area subtly is a good way of highlighting your cheekbones and under eye makeup. Sometimes it can go the wrong way, applying it too bright can give a bad look to your whole face as a result, only under eye area will shine on your whole face giving you the worst complexion. Do not use lighter concealer if you want to hide your pimples if you are doing so you are forcing it to say "can you see me"? And obviously, it will highlight in your face specifically. Smudge the concealer properly in yours under eye area so that it looks fine with the foundation you applied.

3. Blending of Foundation
After you choose a perfect foundation for your skin tone then comes the application of the foundation on your face. The tool you are using to apply the foundation should be appropriate so that it can provide a uniform layer to your face. Blending the foundation is the most important thing for your makeup to work out perfectly. Try to shade your face with the good concealer so that you can get a perfect skin tone for blush and compact process.

4. Blush in Wrong Place
First of all, you should know about how to apply the blush properly, there are different brushes used for blush, blushers usually help to blend the blush properly but you should know where to apply it. Blush is made to highlight apples of your cheeks and some below it, it should not go close to your nose, and it is really not needed. Try to give out naturally flushing look when you apply blush, do not be too harsh while applying it. It is better if you apply it by light hand and those strokes are amazing.

5. Winged Liner Isn't Proper
When you apply liner then you should make sure that you are just popping a sweet wing of it. Winged liner aim is to elongate your eyes so that they look astounding. To make a winged liner a perfect one you should end the wing in proper angle and outwards. Remember that it should not look wonky if you are making the stroke a longer one.

6. Aim of Smoky Eyes Goes Wrong
Blend the eyeshadow properly so that you can look more adorable. You can make a new shade by experimenting on the shades of the shadow but it should look nice when you apply it. Make sure that the representation of the smoky eyes is neat so that it won't look like ugly patches above your eyes.

7. Lipstick in A Proper Finishing
Well, it happens most of the times as we apply the lipstick bleeds. The best way to overcome this is to use an invisible lip liner that will give you the shape of your lips and you just have to color your lips. Matte is the new trend, so it is perfect if you are making use of it because it lasts longer than any other. Do not forget to apply lipstick according to your dress though red looks hot in every dress. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before you apply the lipstick.

8. Brows
If you are applying some make up to your brows then make it look natural.  try not to finish out the brows too properly as it can make your brows too pointed and sharp which will not look natural. Be with the brow pencil which is as similar as your natural brow hair or a tone lighter will also work. Make use of small and slant brush to give it a feathery look and few swipes of mascara to give it a touch up.

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