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9 Things You Can't Overlook in A Relationship

Every relationship has ups and downs, be it a small one or a big one. Some issues in a relationship are willingly ignored in a way to ignore arguments and some are overlooked. The petty issues in a relationship can be ignored but there exist a few things that should not be overlooked. Here are a few examples of those things which are failed to be noticed:

1. No Time for Us
This is a very common issue that arises in every relationship. This complaint is usually from the females that the males do not give their relationship enough time and either are they busy with their family or with their work. No guy realizes that their girl or woman in their life needs time from them be it in any way. This mostly happens in a case of long distance relationships where they don't even realize that they are not giving time to their partners and get engaged in their work so much that their relationships end breaking up.

2. Talk It Out
Most of the relationships are very flat because they don't share things with each other, be it their problems, their feelings about each other or anything. Sharing everything with each other makes your partner more comfortable and he or she doesn't have to think before they share anything. Sharing everything with your partner makes you feel lighter and lets your partner know that you trust him or her. Hence, you should share every bit with your partner even if it is your frustration.

3. Importance
Importance is another issue that arises most commonly in a relationship. Complaints about giving importance to others and not their partners exist. "Importance to others" is most commonly referred to the friends. Girls complain of their guys that they completely forget about them when it comes to their friends and no importance is given to the girls. Girls say that they feel like they don't even exist in their partner's life whenever their partner is with their friends and that the girls always give their partners importance no matter what.

4. Compromise
This issue goes with both sides of the relationship, be it on the male side or the female side. Both the sides have the same issue of compromising on things to keep their partners happy. They say that they always have to compromise on things that may be of some importance, but still they have to give up on it for their partner's happiness. To compromise on things for your partners leads to huge arguments in a relationship and thus people ignore this issue in order t stay away from arguments.

5. Space
Space, again, is a very crucial topic in a relationship. Giving space to your partners is one thing that both the partners need. But there are a few relationships which are just closed by themselves which can also be called being possessive for your partner or even getting obsessed with your partner. There are times when one partner is possessive about the other partner not giving his or her space and they do not realise it, thus the issue being overlooked.

6. Dominance
This issue also develops with both the partners, Dominance arises when your partner only wants you to do as he or she says and they themselves do not listen to the other one. They think that his or her partner cannot go against them no matter what and will also listen to them and go according to what they say. Dominance puts pressure on the other partner and at times they are even scared to let the dominant partner know and they keep shut and just go according to him or her.

7. Loyalty
Another major issue in a relationship is loyalty which is ignored when a partner is not aware of his or her partner's whereabouts and doings. When any partner is not happy in a relationship, he or she mostly find happiness with someone else, but they even don't want to hurt their partners, so they date other people but in hide and seek. To be precise, they double-date. The partners are unaware of their double-dating partner's happenings and thus the problem is overlooked.

8. Misunderstanding
Relationships with misunderstandings more often can be a problem which is overlooked in order to avoid arguments. If one partner says anything which he or she may not mean it as their partner misinterprets, can create a huge misunderstanding. This can happen more frequently. When the other partner more often misinterprets the sentences, the other partner does not argue with him or her because they know it would lead to misunderstandings creating distances between them. More often this issue is also overlooked when the partner does not argue or does not correct the one who has misinterpreted the words wrong.

9. Trust Issues
Trust issues are a general issue that arises in a relationship. If we take an example of a couple where if the girl is seen with any guy, her partner has trust issues. He thinks that she is cheating on him, but vice versa, if the guy is seen with any girl, his partner completely understands him and has no issues with it. When this happens, the girl thinks that even her partner trusts her as much as she does and this problem is not at all disclosed or looked into These petty issues if solved would bring happiness and joy in every relationship but it should be looked into firstly for solving these issues. These overlooked issues, if not solved, could be a huge mess for a long-term relationship.

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