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7 Ways to Get Fair Glowing Skin In 7 Days

Well, who does not love to have glowing and radiant skin? Every woman loves to look young and beautiful. It is dreaming if every female to look smart and healthy in this era. However, the daily work and extra stress challenge their skin and fail to pay attention to their body and skin. They stop paying attention towards their personal assets, they lose their charm and beauty earlier.
Every woman wishes for smooth and soft skin amongst all. Forgetting the results instantly they often spend a large amount of money on cosmetic products and opt for other skin treatments which are quite expensive. The other alternative for it is going for natural things. The best part about it is that it will surely provide you the positive results and they do not harm your skin in any way that implies no side effects of it. Let us see some of the remedies to get fair and glowing skin

1. Raw Milk as a Face Pack
Raw milk acts as the best product for the natural radiance of your skin. It also helps in removing tan. After cleaning your face, pat dry your skin and apply a layer of raw milk to your skin and massage it gently till it is completely absorbed. Leave it on your face for overnight and rinse it with cool water in morning. Raw milk acts as a face cleanser, you can apply it on your face and with the help of cotton gently wipe your face. It will remove the oil and dirt off your face making your skin fairer.

2. Aloe Vera Gel
We all know that Aloe Vera gel helps to hydrate our skin and makes it more glowing. It is the most wonderful natural moisturizer, it helps to prevent dryness and heals the skin. Moreover, it is also used as a best product for avoid wrinkles for glowing skin. Apply the layer of Aloe Vera gel on your face and leave it overnight you will wake up with incredibly soft and glowing skin. Regular use of this will help you to protect from other skin ailments, making your skin fairer.

3. Glycerin And Lemon
Glycerin helps to add some glow to your face by providing it essential fluids. It helps to hydrate your skin whereas lemon helps to prevent dullness and face pigmentation. Mix some lemon juice with glycerin and apply it in your face and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes, wash it off using warm water. You can make use of fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) also, mix it with the glycerin and lemon juice and apply it on your face, leave it until it gets dry then rinse it off. You can see the instant glow and fairer skin.

4. Rosewater, Sandalwood and Turmeric
These three natural ingredients not only provide your skin glow but helps to remove the face pigmentation. Turmeric being one of the product for curing the face cells which are too sensitive allows rest to skin pores and cure the skin. On the other hand, sandalwood and rosewater help to provide a long-lasting glow to your skin. Rose water is super hydrating element among all the other products, mix some sandalwood powder with turmeric and apply it in your face. Leave it for twenty to thirty minutes till it gets dry, rinse it off further you will get a glowing skin.

5. Sugar Scrub and Honey
The sweetness of honey and sugar can also help you to get some sweetness to your face as well. You can use sugar as scrub, just mix some sugar with rosewater or aloe Vera gel. Use it as scrub, you will see the instant glow on your face. On the other hand, applying honey on your face will help your skin to become suppler and will help to maintain the elasticity of your face.

6. Coconut Oil
Applying coconut oil is the best technique to provide deep nourishment to your skin. Coconut oil helps to give you more moisturized skin, you can even apply few drops of coconut oil instead of a moisturizer. Coconut oil has some anti-bacterial property which helps to improve health of your skin.

7. Facial Oil Massage
Sometimes our face pores become close of dust and other pollutants. Which blocks them and our skin becomes oily and dull. To avoid this dullness and pigmentation you can use facial oils and massage it on your face. It will help to reduce the skin pigmentation and makes your skin look fairer and healthier. You can choose almond oil or you can go with rose oil or can opt for the blend of these oils which are available as the facial serums. Massage the oil in upward circular motion gently, remember to do this after toning your skin. Apply moisturiser after this for better results.

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