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12 Signs Your Efforts to Get Closer Are Actually Pushing Your Partner Away

Relationships require efforts and commitment from both the persons. There should be an equal ratio of input from both the sides regarding feelings and efforts. However, there are cases when you actually make your partner feel that you are invading their space and hence your efforts to get them closer actually pushes them away. Here are the 12 signs that indicate towards this:

1. Not Sharing Things
Your partner may suddenly stop sharing their feelings and emotions with you. Moreover, they would not even tell you about the major happenings in their life. This is all because they are unhappy with your reaction when they once used to share things. Probably, you would act extra concerned about them or give them suggestions that are difficult for them to do. You could have done that out of your genuine concern and to make your partner feel that you care. But, not sharing things is a major sign that you are actually making your partner uncomfortable.

2. Turning Down Opportunities to Meet
When you partner starts turning down every opportunity to meet you, it is sure that they aren’t interested in meeting you anymore. This could have happened due to your efforts of getting them as close as possible on dates and that could be something your partner didn’t like at all. Turning down opportunities to meet could create a mess because your partner doesn’t even want to see you anymore. Reversing your efforts could definitely help if done properly.

3. Not Paying Attention
I believe that attention is the most important part of any relationship and the relationship works for as long as both the persons give adequate attention to each other. When your better half stops giving you enough attention or does not pay attention to whatever you say or do, it clearly means that their mind is somewhere else. This is when they are done with you and are not interested in knowing anything about you. In this case, I believe that giving your partner the space they require will solve a lot of things.

4. Forgetting Things About You
If your partner is forgetting things about you then I am very confident to say that you are not on his/her mind anymore. They aren’t thinking about you the whole day like they used to do at the starting of the relationship and your efforts are working the opposite way for you.

5. Getting Too Busy
Your partner starts getting involved in a lot of things, creates new hobbies, hangs out more with friends and suddenly gets too busy. This is a clear indicator that they are done with a monotonous life. This will, of course, happens when you did something to get them close to talking too much to them or doing something continuously for them on a regular basis. I myself get frustrated when my boyfriend wants to speak the whole day to me. I feel like getting a break and trying out every new thing possible to avoid boredom.

6. Talking to Other People
This could be really dangerous for the relationship when your partner starts getting into a deep friendship with a third person who belongs to the opposite sex. This would definitely happen due to your unplanned and unorganized efforts to get them close which will actually want them to run away. You will be unintentionally pushing your partner away towards a third person when you start being extra possessive getting your partner really irritated and putting thoughts about another person in their mind.

7. Doing Things That You Don’t Like
Sometimes, you could say a lot of things to your partner about you hating something or someone. If your partner thinks the opposite, they could either just respect your opinion or alternatively do those things that you hate. If they respect your opinion, its well and good for you. But, if they do those things it’s a red signal for you my friend.

8. Forcing Things
When you start feeling like you are forcing your so-called soul mate to do things it is obvious that your partner is making you feel so. They aren’t ready to do things they used to do and hence you have to force them which makes you feel commanding. They will make you feel like you are torturing them. This shows that your efforts are going in vain and everything you did to get them close is pushing him/her away.

9. Not Being Romantic
Romance is the essence of every relation and everything gets boring without it. You know the spark of the relationship is gone when your partner isn’t romantic anymore. They could be avoiding this because they aren’t interested or the reason could be anything else as per what you did.

10. Not Having Deep Conversations
Lovers usually love having deep conversations with their loved ones and talking about life. Anyone is sure to take efforts to have such deep conversations to strengthen their relationship but it is very important to mind the words and thoughts you put into it. If your partner is avoiding any deep conversations, then it means that they dislike having those talks with you and again your efforts are pushing them away.

11. Lying
Lying and cheating are the extreme cases of a relationship which is not even a relationship anymore. Your honest partner could suddenly start lying to you. One lie after the other coming from a person who used, to be honest, is unusual. This happens because they are not very comfortable telling you the truth and cannot bear your reaction. Sometimes, in the urge to get them closer, you might unintentionally react in a way they dislike.

12. Getting Angry
Losing your cool on some things at sometimes is fine. But getting angry on all things at all times shows irritation and frustration. If your partner is unnecessarily showing you their temper, then it’s time for you to take a step back and give them as much space as you possibly can.

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