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11 Fun Activities for Your Wedding Days

The wedding day is one of the memorable and the day to remember for rest of your life. The family and friends make too much efforts to make that day the auspicious one for that couple. Wedding day makes the long-lasting memories and never-ending happiness. The soft and loud music, the dance steps, the flowers, and decors make the wedding day archaic.
After the complete decorations and preparations, you should make your wedding the most memorable one. There are some unique ideas which will be undoubtedly liked by your guests. If you have wedding planner with you, ask them out to make some of the arrangements for making the wedding day special included with some fun activities. Add up some small and unexpected surprises for your guests that will make your wedding the best day of your life and unforgettable event ever.

1. You can make your wedding seating arrangement a memorable one. Opt for circular seating arrangements rather than the straight rows. Set the seating pattern in a circular way that is around you. it will make them feel more included and will make you more visible to all the guests. It will help for making the chit-chats more comfortable and easy going.

2. Balloon canvas is one of the creative idea to make the day more memorable and auspicious. If you want something random and creative, then you can go for it. Fill the balloons with the paint colors, attach them with a canvas give your guests some bolts and ask them to burst the balloons that will give out the outstanding painting, making the events much more fun.

3. A memorable presentation can also work, collect some of the memorable moments with your family and your friends. It is the best idea to say thank you to your near and dear ones, make them feel special without making them emotional and less sentimental. However, those emotions are natural and genuine but try your level best to make that day memorable for them as well. Projected type film is the best way to express your thanks and love for them.

4. Pout with your friends even if your eyes are teary just for fun. Yes, be ready with the extraordinary and special photo shoot with your friends. Add the message boards with your friends while you take pictures with them. It will give you an immense pleasure to your heart apart from the official photo shoot it would be much more fun.

5. Your guests can be the florists for your wedding day, it is a little different idea. Why not ask your guest to hand you a flower and create your own bouquet as you complete your walk? Let your guests included in that moment, it would be memorable for you as well as for them.

6. you can go for the different guestbook, actually you can try out something else rather than that guestbook. Try out the bundle of playing cards or ask them to write on the border of the photo frame. Let them write their messages and blessings on them. You can print the best group shot from the wedding and set a fabulous memory for yourself and for them as well.

7. if you love balloon then you can make use of it for creating one of the best memory. Ask your guests and relatives to pick up the balloon (it is great if they are heart shaped), hand them one balloon to each and join them together for a great photograph. Let them release the balloon and make sure that moment is captured.

8. Make your photoshoot more productive and memorable by bouncing on bouncy castles. If you want to make the moments less formal and more fun then, bouncy castle can help you to make some of your favorite photos for that day. Bouncy castles are loved by kids and the kid within us, try out it with your friend and capture those moments for lifetime.

9. Be comfortable with your footwear, just skip those heels for dancing. Make sure that those heels do not interrupt while dancing. Replace your heels that you have been wearing all day with canvas shoes. You will not get hurt for sure and you will enjoy the moment by being comfortable.

10. It is not mandatory that your bridesmaids carry flower, there are some more options. They can carry feathers, fans and parasols that can give a memorable touch. If it is an evening wedding beautiful lanterns are a good idea. The lanterns will give a blissful look and will help to make your photoshoot more attractive.

11. Musical chairs is never out of trend it is always fun to make some more joyous moments with our dear ones. Make this one more memorable make the list of the favorite songs of your family and friends, play that on track. Start the fun and enjoy before biding a goodbye.

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