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10 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Cheat On Their Partners

Zodiac signs are something that can speak loads about a person. Of course, every person is different but people with the same zodiac signs tend to do a lot of different things but while sharing the same traits. When it comes to relationships, these signs help determine how loyal will your partner be to you and in probably what ways can they cheat on you. These judgments are made based on their habits, preferences, and choices in life. Here we have a list of 10 zodiac signs that are most likely to cheat on their partners emotionally.

1. Pisces
They are the ones who are very imaginative and smart. They will find many ways to cheat on their partner in an emotional manner and never let them know. They are clean and perfect players. They will actually go to any depth to show their partner that they are full of dedication and commitment to this relationship but they will never feel the same in their hearts. The Pisces are most likely to lie, act and deny facts. Also, as a matter of fact, I have seen these people keep some really big secrets from their partner and still make them feel like they wholeheartedly love them.

2. Aquarius
Aquarians are excellent when it comes to cheating. They are the ones who have the highest tendency to emotionally cheat on their partner. Mostly, these people are those who get attached to anyone and everyone too quickly and end updating them. Soon when they get another person, they get attached to that other person as well and then leave the earlier one. I have seen Aquarians cheat on someone in an extremely emotional way and just walk off without their conscience even once telling them that it is wrong. I find them too immature to handle one person for a lifetime. They are like very small kids who want a different chocolate every time according to their mood.

3. Gemini
Geminis can too easily cheat on their partners and not feel much about it. But they are more likely to cheat on their partner with some close friend who would definitely be a mutual friend for you and your partner. I have a few friends who are Geminis and are dating officially. Although the fact that they are dating, they still have a lust for their partner’s best friend whom they find very hot, so I believe that it is normal for this zodiac sign. Hence, Geminis could not only be emotional cheaters but also, I wouldn’t be surprised to know if any of my Gemini friends are found physically cheating over their partner. Since they cheat on their partners with someone very close; it will be very traumatic for the person who's been cheated on and it could also lead to damage to some old and close friendships.

4. Virgo
People having Virgo as their zodiac sign are known to be masters in cheating. They will keep cheating on you and will never ever let you know. They are the ones who cunningly plan all their moves and make very intricate plans. Hence, it is very difficult to catch them cheating on their partners. Also, they have backups for replacing their current partner and they are emotionally connected to these so-called “potential partners”. Keeping these emotions to two or more persons at the same time ultimately leads to an imbalance. I personally had a friend who kept me as a backup for replacing his current girlfriend and no doubts he was a Virgo. He was just looking for one opportunity to get that girl out and get me in, though that didn’t work because I decided to part ways with him.

5. Libra
The Libras are a very manipulative group of people and are more cunning than the Virgo group. They are very likely to emotionally cheat on their partner and get certain things done from them which they don’t want to do. They indirectly blackmail their partners emotionally. According to my experience with libras, I have always noticed that they are never involved emotionally in any relationship but they make their partner be surrendered completely into it. Also, they have the art of double dating and triple dating and can make up excuses instantly to never get caught.

6. Sagittarius
The Sagittarius group of people are extremely extroverted and are carefree regarding relationships. They take a relation to be a matter of fun and enjoyment and no not bother getting their feelings in it. These people are most likely to cheat on their partners just for fun and because they want to adventure dating new people. It may be because they lead a very hectic life professionally and hence want to relieve their stress. I have never been in surprise when I see my Sagittarius brother work really hard at the office and then emotionally cheat on his partner as a part of the entertainment for him.

7. Aries
Aries group of people are someone who always gets bored of things really quick. They are adventurous and love to travel. If their partner is not willing to travel with them when they are most likely to emotionally cheat on them and join any other person they get on their way who is willing to travel and adventure with them. Also, I have found that these people have a very bad habit of playing the victim game with their partners to make them feel guilty all the time though they know it's their fault itself.

8. Capricorn
The Capricorns are someone who always needs more and more from a relationship. They expect their partner to give them their best which is sometimes impractical and illogical. Me, being one of them know how I feel when my boyfriend replies to my message like one minute late. I always demand more of him and need him to be at his forefront to do every possible thing for me. Also, if he stops doing it for me I will never hesitate to emotionally cheat on him because we Capricorns have a zero-level tolerance in us. Also, if we cheat on someone, we do it almost like it was an accident or it was meant to be.

9. Leo
I can, by all means, say that the Leos are the most loyal ones you can ever meet in your life. I have like eight to ten close friends who are Leos and they all make it a point to not cheat on their partner in any way. But, the point is they don’t do this out of morality, they do this out of practicality. They don’t want the stress that follows the act of being caught at some point in time. These things clearly indicate that they will never ever cheat their partner physically. However, they can, by all means, cheat on their partners emotionally because they are kind of cold-hearted and don’t entertain a lot of drama.

10. Cancer
The Cancer people are also very loyal as compared to the others but they are loyal only till the time they find someone else better fitting in their definition of a soul mate. They are always looking for someone better and if they happen to date someone who is not meant to be for them, then they are very likely to emotionally cheat on that person for a very long time. My boyfriend, whose zodiac sign is cancer was cheating his ex for like three years until he finally found me whom he considers his best.

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