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10 Things You Should Never Do at A Wedding

Well everybody put in their efforts to make the wedding day an auspicious one. It requires lots of hard work, thoughts, and ideas to make a wedding day successful, not only the bride and groom wait for their day but the whole family expects everything to be good. We all know that "Nothing is perfect" in this world, and so a wedding cannot be. Yes, it is precious for the couple and their family and friends but sometimes guests are always ready to point out what is not perfect at the wedding. However, you should not be the one among them, appreciate the wedding instead. Here are some tips, which will tell you the things you should keep in mind before attending any marriage.

1. Disrespecting The Venue
There exist some people who will pass comments regarding the venue place. This should be kept in mind that if you do not like the place then keep it to yourself no need to tell others about it. Do not be a spoiler by accusing the place; rather try to be involved in the wedding ceremonies.

2. Waste Food
If you are not so hungry then you should take the food accordingly. Wasting the food is really a bad idea, filling your plate up with so much food is embarrassing. You should take only some food and you can add up more if you are hungry. Food to the dustbin is probably not a good thing, so think twice before you fill up your plate. Wedding day party is much more than eating food.

3. Drink Too Much
It may happen sometimes that they include a bar or some beer for the guests but the guests those who are attending the day should be aware of the limits. In order to make you feel high do not take more and more shots just because it is free. You can get more than enough on the free Riesling. Be in consciousness and enjoy the small moments in the ceremonies rather than being drunk.

4. Wear Something Too Casual
Just remember that you are going to attend a wedding, so rather than being too casual to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Wear something that looks classy and attractive to, keep it simple and natural. Do remember that the dress should not be too casual which will fade your face while everyone will rock by wearing a cocktail dress, you will feel ridiculous.

5. Switch Your Seat
You should be aware that switching your seat can suck others who are sitting around you.  Respect the seating arrangements that are done. Somebody must have done a great hard work for making such seating plans. Switch to the seat as per the arrangements may be you will get a new friend. Sit calmly and enjoy the wedding ceremony.

6. Spend Your Day With Phone
Yes, we all know that phone is one of the important parts of our life. We cannot imagine anything without it, but one thing you should keep in mind that you can get too much involved in your phone. Put your phone aside for few hours and get involved in the wedding ceremonies. If you are trying to capture the precious moments then do mind that you are clicking only a few pictures. Do not miss the live moments while capturing them in your phones. Capture the moments in your heart rather than in your phone's gallery.

7. Show Up Too Late Or Early
You should be punctual regarding the timing of the wedding day. There are lots of relatives and family members who may wait for your existence or need your help, if you are the close one from the family, then you should go prior to helping them. Never show up too late, as it can be an embarrassing moment for you, for your whole lifetime. Showing up too early is a bad idea; you will be showing your desperateness towards the wedding.

8. Do Not Try To Be A Photographer
 At least for the wedding day, keep your photography in sound sleep. Do not try to steal the place of the photographer that is hired specially for that day. This can be a little bit frustrating and irritating for the photographer and for you too. It will not go to the right way if bride and groom look to your phone rather than posing for the photographer. It can be a spoiler so; if you are thinking something like that then you should drop off that idea.

9. Do Not Talk Between Speeches
It happens that the introductory and interacting initial speeches can be a boring stuff to listen just like the college lectures. One should keep in mind that those speeches are not important to them but really are for some others. Try to pay attention during the speech if you are not able to then, just remain quiet. Do not be the center of attraction in a negative way in front of the other people; It can make you feel embarrassed. Be a good guest, put your phone down, stop gossiping and enjoy the moment.

10. Do Not Wear White
It will look worse if you are wearing something that is matching with the bride's dress. Try not to pick anything white as your dress can match, let them feel special on their day. Choose any other color which will suit you rather than white.

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