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7 Things A Husband Really Wants for Father's Day

Fathers and dads all over the world are busy executing their jobs and responsibilities, that they hardly remember the Father’s Day that has dawned today. They are laying under the heap of performing various roles of a care-taking son, a devoted husband, an uncle and of course, a loving father!
He, like women, also needs some appreciation to keep on doing his best. It motivates him to do even better. However, the question that remains is ‘HOW?’ Don’t you worry, Ladies! Here is a short list of things I have come across which holds the things a husband must be really, really craving for.
1. A really, really ecstatic “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADDDYYYY!!!”
Most of the times, the husband does not even remember that it is the Father’s Day today (it is NOT because they are dumb, but because they are busy performing their duties).
Imagine your child shrieking a “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADDY!!” to your husband while giving him a hug with his tiny hands around his neck. Isn’t it the most adorable thing to watch from a short distance?

Source: Instagram
2. A nap, which he can’t have on any other day.
When was the last time you saw your husband relax for a good few hours? Last week? Last month? 6 months ago? Last vacation, which he had planned for his family? Yes, right. It is evident that he hardly has time to relax. He toils 6 days a week outside his house and on his weekly off, he helps you with some chores inside the house, or sure does he visit banks and departmental stores for monthly shopping.
Thankfully, Father’s Day is an indication that he can have a nap! (Hapless daddies.) Do not wake him up by creating the slightest sound possible, he deserves that sound baby-like sleep as much as he desires it.

Source: Instagram
3. His favourite meal, obviously!
Once a man is married and gets busy with his career, he hardly pays any special attention to his regular meals. Nowadays, the jobs demand so much from men that they must be feeling thankful that they at least have time to eat their lunches and dinners every day (All the men out there who work for their families, yes, I understand you and thank you as well).
Cook him his favourite meal. He will be more than happy to be having his beloved meal with beloved people on this earth. His eyes and his smile will tell you how happy and thankful he is, to have you in his life.
4. Personal time, which he can use as he pleases.
Contemporarily, the type of jobs that men do demand a lot of time and input. Naturally, this eventually causes stress. There is hardly any ‘ME TIME’ left. He almost gives up his hobbies and adapts the monotonous lifestyle in order to be able to provide to his family. I know you all Ladies will agree with me, that your husbands DO NEED their personal time and space. He will spend it any way he pleases, WITHOUT being accountable to anyone (sorry, not even to you today). He wants to either snooze or go out and stroll the roads, or watch some movie, he will.
5. Of course, some Surprises!
Who does not love surprises? Admit it Ladies, you love surprises to moon and back. I do not see why you would not? They give us joy and glee! Fortunately, surprises do not discriminate on the basis of gender (That’s my reason for loving surprises). They give equal pleasure to both women and men. So why not try surprising your man on this special occasion? Maybe a watch, or an exotically planned picnic to a place which means something to both of you, or somewhere you have always wanted to go (or perhaps an unexpected (to him) make out session?)
6. Our love.
Humans need to be loved, and your husband is a human before he is your husband (just a friendly reminder to all my forgetful friends). If you want him to do something tell him how much you love him, and even if you want something from him tell him how much you love him. Sooner or later he is going to notice the pattern and ask you what you want the next time you say “I love you”. Today (Father’s Day) is the day you break that trend and tell him you love him for showing him your love and not any other hidden motive. Tell him you love him unconditionally, for what he is and does for your family. He is going to love you back even more.

7. Time with his lovely family.
Every father secretly craves to spend some quality time with his wife and children. Unluckily they are caught up in their jobs. Thus, Father’s Day serves to be an excellent opportunity for him to spend some quality time with his beloved family. Plan a small picnic to some garden nearby or play some games in the house which includes every member of the family.

Source: Instagram
These small but utterly meaningful gestures will make your husband happy more than ever. Don’t believe what I say? Give it a shot! (then come back to me thanking for the tips)

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