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7 Tips to Improve Running Speed and Stamina

Running is the best way to increase the physical and mental fitness. It helps us to be active and live a stress-free life. It is one of the excellent self-esteem boosters, though some people hate to do so they should definitely see the positive aspects of running. It helps to stay in shape and makes us healthy. According to the studies it is proved that the proper diet and exercise keeps the body fat away and is an effective way to lose weight. Running not only helps to boost up the sweating process but also helps to relieve stress and good pumping of heart and working of lungs.
Running is one of the cardiovascular exercises which help to burn calories on an average of 100. Those people who are fitness freak give their first priority to running, which is a better way of the warm-up and other exercises. Running also helps to make one socially active, it is a good way to meet up new people. There is an ample number of ways to speed up your running skills. Some of them are listed below.
Treadmill helps to turn up the running speed, it makes it easier to run faster. The treadmill provides you the facility to control the speed that too at your fingertips. It also decreases the risks of running injuries as you can place that anywhere, even in your home. It helps to burn the calories, and it is the best key to lose your weight in a fun way. Your thirty minutes’ treadmill workouts are enough to give you a good shape and enhancement of your running skills. You can start at a low speed and increase a little after some days. You can improve your running skills after this, you can see the results.
Do not forget sprint to sprint, short sprints are the must. The real runners such as “Usain Bolt” prefer short sprint before the big road race. Sprinting helps to stretch the legs and increase the flexibility of your leg muscles and hip movements. Hip flexors and extenders are neglected but they are really important for quads and hamstrings, which helps in running. You can also go for the “Strides”. Strides are the series of sprints to remove the running acceleration and help to speed up the techniques of running. The hip rotator muscles help to stabilize the hip joint and makes your running skills much better.
Tempo-runs increase the speed and endurance of running. Heavy workouts target tempo-runs to increase the running speed. It helps to build both slow and fast-twitch muscles. Alternating jogging and sprints help to build up the pace much better, you better put a threshold after doing the warm-up. Keep your body challenged and your mind engaged while doing any type of workout. You should set up a proper strategy for running, it will help you for better performance that is “better than before”. Set up the time limit and improve your strategy. Races like progression run and race-pace run help in increasing your goal and your running.
Learn how to breathe while you run, it takes practice to do so. Use your both for inhaling and exhaling which will help you to give a maximum amount of oxygen to your body and muscles. Try belly breathing which includes a technique, in this while breathing you fill the stomach, not chest with air on inhaling. Your breathing techniques will increase the minutes of your running and you will run more comfortably.
You can add up rope jumping techniques in your workouts. It is necessary to do each and every leg exercise in a perfect way which will help you with the further injuries. Jumps help to fast the speed of the feet, which directly helps in increasing the running speed and decreases the risks of injuries.
Remember if you want to fasten up the running speed then you should put up the lighter weight shoes. Lightweight sneakers help to improve the strides making you more comfortable. Barefoot running is really not necessary for increasing up the level of running, rather it will increase the risks of injuries. Select the shoes which are comfortable and lighter in weight, with a good grip. You will put less efforts while running and it will provide natural movement to your foot.
Core muscles help a runner to tap more fore to the ground. It makes more tiring if you do not work out on the core. It is important to do some, for improving your running ability. If you give just fifteen minutes of your time for abdomen and core it is more than enough for your running. It stretches and makes your stomach muscles more flexible. Stronger the leaner muscles the better you will run. Lifting up some weight will help to improve the core muscle stretches and will build your confidence too.

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