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69 Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

When you develop a strong bond between you and your partner, you need not to be expressive. Love is worth it. However, sometimes you need to show it, just like if you want to see him smiling. Telling him how much you love him will make him closer to you. Though the bond you share will become unbreakable. Saying what you feel is worthy and so important for a relationship. Your cute efforts to make them smile through expressing what you feel will lead your relationship to permanent imprint for each other love.

1. You are awesome
2. You are my first and last thought of the day.
3. I live being stupid with you.
4. Make his morning 'Good'.
5. I have become a better person because of you.
6. I'm your die heart fan,the way you make me stress free
7. You are my best day startup, talking to you is the best way to get up.
8. I love you.
9. Stay with me always ,I need you forever and you are preserved for me always.
10. All of me loves all of you.
11. Your smile is the most precious thing to me.
12. I love the way you hold my hand when I talk to you.
13. Where you have been throughout my life.
14. I love when you sing for me.
15. I love being with you.
16. I miss you.
17. I live some more when I am with you.
18. My day is incomplete without you,your face cherishes me more.
19. Your perceptions are really appreciable.
20. Your absence makes me heartless and your voice is enough to cheer me up when I feel low.
21. Your looks drive me crazy.
22. I think about you all the time.
23. I want to grow old with you.
24. I can't stay a second without you.
25. Some things are worth waiting and you definitely are .
26. You are too handsome to be handled.
27. I am on cloud nine, whenever I'm with you.
28. Everything seems beautiful when you are around.
29. Whenever you hug me, I wanna hug you a little longer.
30. Saying you goodbye is hard for me.
31. All of me belongs to you.
32. I love to see you sleeping.
33. Your dreams are mine now.
34. You make me feel Paradise.
35. I see my life in your eyes.
36. Everything that you do seems so charming.
37. You are the secret of my success.
38. I am proud of you what you are as a human.
39. I love the way you listen to me it expresses my importance in your life.
40. I appreciate how hard you work to make our future better.
41. You always know how to bring a smile on my face.
43. I remember the day when our eyes met.
44. I love it when you praise me.
45. I love the way you say my name it makes me blush.
46. I love the way how you care for me like a kid.
47. I am much more me when I am with you.
48. I love our bond and I know it is unbreakable.
49. My heart skips a beat when I see you.
50. You make me blush ,the way you look at me.
51. I like our sensible talks.
52. You hair look so good ,when they are messy you look more cute.
53. You know me better than anyone else does.
54. I will never ever let you go.
55. I trust you more than anyone else.
56. Your happiness makes my day.
57. In this world full of chaos, you are one of my favorites.
60. Because of you I came to know what True love is.
61. You held me when I needed you and I promise to be with you, always and forever.
62. Your birthday makes me more happy then mine.
63. You are the bestest friend anyone can ever have.
64. I like the way you say my name.
65. I love to share my food with you.
66. You are as important as the last slice of pizza.
67. I want to shower all my love to you.
68. After all this time your presence still give my stomach butterflies.
69. I am only and only yours.

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