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28 Things You Should Never Do At A Wedding

1. Be foody, but don't show that
You should remember that it's somehow public place if you eat in a wedding, you can be foody but don't show that. Don't you think plate full of food will look embarrassing as compared to your size?
2. Don't speak loudly
Don't be too loud, when you are attending a wedding. It can be more humiliating than
3. Don't react for the venue place, if you don't like it
If you didn't like the venue then at least don't give any negative expressions regarding it, be genuine, stay ordinary.
4. Wear something too casual if it's not the wedding of your close one
Don't dress up too heavily if the wedding is not of your close ones, be casual for it.
5. Please don't smoke
Don't ruin the wedding, just to find a place to lit a cigarette, resist smoking while you are in the
wedding rather try to enjoy it with your relatives.
6. Don't go crazy while dancing
Don't lose your body while dancing on the floor. See where you are dancing and with whom you are dancing.
7. Don't waste food
That's too important to have this adequate. Don't waste food, never ever, feel ashamed if you do so.
8. Don't stare at everyone
Don't over notice and Snoopy who passes by you, it will show your mental disorders.
9. Stop giggling without a reason
Don't laugh without any reason this can be harmful for you as well, as someone can also make you feel uneasy like you are doing it to others by giggling.
10. Be polite to Waiters
Don't be harsh to the Waiters or the bartenders, they are doing their duty you should do yours respect their job as well. Remember they are waiters, not your pet.
11. Don't try to show off
Don't try to show off by chuckling about your accessories and all, all the time.
12. Don't get inside the phone
Don't be on the phone all the time, you can miss the special moments which are worth seeing.
13. Stay away if you don't know anyone
Don't hook up with strangers. If you don't Know someone then be at a distance stop talking to the. If you don't know them, don't get them over you, maintain the line.
14. Don't show up too late or too early.
Don't be too early or too late at the venue, take your punctuality with dignity.Be on time
15. Don't switch seats
Just try not to switch your seats every time. Remember being in a spontaneous space.
16. Don't overshare anything on social media
Expressing your love for your dress in others wedding is so common, but don't overshare everything on social media.
17. Don't capture every second in the phone
Try to be at the wedding rather than capturing it always you will miss the main thing.
18. Don't get over drunk
Well control your lust for drinking, especially in the wedding of your close ones you can be guilty on your doings later on
19. Avoid twinning with bride/groom
Discard twinning with groom/bride it's his/her day, let them glow more than anyone else. Let them be more special and beautiful at their wedding. and don't accuse any of the decorations in the wedding.
21. Don't be on the phone call a day
Don't make yourself too busy in the phone call, rather enjoy the little moments.
22. It's okay if you're not included in the photograph
It's not a compulsion that you should be in every picture to be fitted in an album, so just don't try to be picture focused and forcefully include yourself in the pics.
23. Irritating DJ by requesting songs frequently
Don't ask DJ to change the songs very frequently, this can irritate too much rather I would say enjoy the wedding playlists that are quite impressive and unique.
24. Don't walk around while wedding ceremony goes on
Try not to roam while wedding ceremonies and other rituals are going on, it will show that you are not interested in them.
25. Don't block the photographers
Blocking the actual photographers can be embarrassing, let the things happen for which they are for, capture it from the distance where you need to be at that time. You should think about it if their shoot is going on.
26. Don't put yourself in the corner
Try not to sulk yourself in any corner, especially if it is the wedding of your family member.It can suck you only, you can be bored.
27. Don't make comments
Don't make comments on others this can ruin the day, one comment can be injurious to anyone.
28. Don't make the venue another dustbin
It is noticed several time, after party or during the informal ceremonies like wedding itself, that the venue becomes another dustbin, don't litter anything openly on the venue place. Do use dustbin rather than making the place dustbin, as it will highlight your manners and adequate.

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