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21 Things Guys Will Never Tell You

1. He is in bad company
It can be possible that your boyfriend may get a bad company he can be the one in the bunch of hooligans. You can feel it if he is in any bad addiction rather than you.
2. He loves his friends more than you
He may not express this in front of you but, this can be quite understood by you. They love their friends more than their parents sometimes. His time for you can explain this thing to you very well.
3. They don't cry
It doesn't matter how much they deny that they don't cry, or how they feel but they feel hard even more then girls do sometimes. So don't take it lightly if you think that they won't get hurt.
4. They don't lie
'And my feelings are on fire coz I am a bad liar. They will surely make you believe that they don't lie to you, but they probably do. Well, you should trust them but not a blind one.
5. That they don't flirt
If you have an eye over the things your partner do, then you”ll come to know if 'flirting' is his cup of tea or not. However, you shouldn't feel so, because he loves you but he may lie for that.
6. They too have mood swings
When it comes to mood swings, girls are the first thought in everyone's mind, but that can be also because of hormones you can't blame them completely. Don't think that boys don't have any, they also have swings from second to second sometimes but they are expert in keeping it secretive.
7. That they don't get “J” coz of your male “bff
You may have asked him quite often that if he gets jealous of your boy best friend but trust me he does. He may not question that closeness of yours with him but he expects you to maintain that difference.
8. He doesn’t actually like what you like
It's not obligatory that whatever you like would be liked by your partner too. He may not ask you to change any decision of your but you will sense it soon (girls are too good in that) and yes, of course, they'll keep it secret.
9. They never get pissed off by you
They will not utter a single word even if they're pissed off by your actions or talks, they will not express it no matter what happens just to make you feel important. They will hide it if they feel so.
10. They are feeling low
Day to day busy ongoing happenings also makes them tired. But they will not show you, even if you want him to take you to the long drive, he will get it for you even after his hectic schedule. So just keep in mind they also feel low.
11. He doesn't have a crush on anyone
Everyone has a crush on someone and that everyone also includes your boyfriend. That's quite normal 'having a crush'. No matter they have or not but they will not speak about any other girl in front of you, they may keep it as a top secret and will resist talking about the girls in front of you.
12. They are broke
They will keep it quite secretive if they are broke from inside no matter what happens to them but they will make sure that you feel good. However, it should be your responsibility to cure that if they are hurt by you or your actions
13. It's okay if you are busy
It is not okay sometimes to them if you get a busy whole day, they need some time to be spent with you.
14. He tells you everything
He will make you feel that he tells you everything and is like an open book, but there comes a time that he may hide something it can be his tears, problems, personal family issues, or his financial conditions.
15. He doesn't like your mum/friend
Well, this can be the one thing he may feel good by your happiness because of your mum or maybe your friend or any of your dear one, but he may keep quiet when you will ask him how he feels for them, his reaction can be different as you expect but will not show you that.
16. He doesn't feel insecure
It can be too obvious for a boyfriend to get annoyed, but it is their insecurity which they feel. No matter what their girlfriends do to not to make them feel so, they will feel insecure but they try not to express it but their actions are sometimes expressive that every girlfriend can mark.
17. They never abused someone
Any guy will not confess it to their girl, that he had abused someone as it will loosen the grip of your relation. Well, it is not good to do so in any relationship.
18. They don't want you physically
He may not express you directly, you cannot read his mind every time. There may come a time where you both are not physically together and he may don't show you that he wants to be intimate, but he will not say so till you yourself come close with your heart up for that.
19. He has a soft corner for his ex
This can be one of the secrets any guy will never tell you that he still feels for his ex, even in your presence she comes on his head.
20. He is not your ATM
Girls love to be pampered, but when it comes to the shopping, guys like to get them whatever they put their hands on. But it is a trouble if the girl is a shopaholic and that too not with their money they can make their guy feel like an ATM.
21. He has a problem with your dressing sense
He will never ever tell you that he doesn't like your dressing sense. However, he likes you as you are but your dressing sense do matters him not always but sometimes and that is one of the things he will never open to you.

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