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16 Things Girl Should Not Take For Granted From Her Boyfriend

As we all know that love is not the thing to be posted on social media rather it is meant to be dealt. It is not mandatory that one should be expressive but yes, love sometimes needed to be expressed and everyone is not good for you. Though girls have an edge over it, they are quite good at expressing it. Sometimes it happens that what we expect doesn't go the way we want, we think that it goes unexciting or unnoticed. It can be the change in your looks, dress or the whole you. I wholly believe that you should not take some of the things your partner took for granted. Let's just have a look what they can be?

1. Your looks make him high ohh girl! Don't you cry

Yes! girls the thing you shouldn't take for granted about your guy. He may forget your birthday or maybe your anniversary, but he will never forget about your every changed look. He does notice your way of smiling, laughing, winking as well, even the curves of your lips when you smile.

2. Everything you say matters

When the two souls ignite as one, they can even understand each other silence, well! I think I am quite right about this. Yes actually he does make sure what you feel and every word you say matters to him the most. He feels you deep and if he doesn't listen to you then just yell in front of him (just for fun).

3. What hurts you, hurts him as well

It can happen that your partner is not always expressive in front of you, about how he feels for you but the things that hurt you hurt him as well. He may not show you about that, but he will take you to the light if something gives you pain.

4. When he is up with his heart in front of you

Just as much as your life has hurdles he must be also having, despite all the consequences. He shares his feelings with you and it's your responsibility to make him feel good about him. When he is expressive to you, you should comfort him welcome the feelings he has in additional. So, take a chill pill and do comfort what he feels.

5. Being his less “J”

Well girls know how to be “jealous” (Very well) they don't want any other rather they can just see a thing that blows them out. So, it happens that you may get jealous of the friendly behavior of your partner. My friends are proof when the girls get jealous it may consequence in World War 3. However, girls want themselves to be free it is possible that your guy checks on you, where you go, where you sleep. It's just his possessiveness but if he doesn't do so don't take it lightly as it can take you to a negative adventure of his weirdness.

6. His less dominancy

In every relationship, one can be more dominant among both. Girls like to be at the top in such, but do remember that this dominance can bring a crack in your relation, However, ask him out for what he likes, and let him do what makes him cool. You should make it balanced.

7. His efforts to make you happy

Your smile matters him, his cute efforts if making you happy should be appreciated even if he tries to sing for you, the song you love. Even if his lyrics don't match with the real one, you should feel blessed about it and you should never take that for granted surely.

8. When he asks you “how was your day baby?”

It's probably the first breath of your conversation. The head statement about your day, some small things are really very important. It must be just normal for you being asked about your day but it is the best thing not everyone is blessed to have this question in a relationship and trust me it sounds soo cute.

9. When he gets something, your favorite

You should notice that he notices the things you like. The things you love it's not compulsory that he will also like but he does put his efforts to get you those things, no matter from where he gets. However yes he notices favorites of yours and you should feel lucky for that.

10. The things you don't like

From your minute, favorites to whatever makes you feel angry. He specifically notices the things you don't like and tries not to speak about that in front of you.

11. You are being far

Your being far do matters him, this can happen that you may feel some freedom but he craves for your presence. Being his possessive is somehow cute which tells you that how much he cares for you. The distance can be the one thing which he will curse the most if you are in a long distance. Well, hats-off to the long distance relationships.

12. His extra pampering nature

Girls feel so high when they get pampered. Although boys love to do that but do not take this for granted as a little mood swing of him can drown you down. You should also do the same for them.

13. Being his less arrogant

Well, it's normal for a guy to be arrogant but you should not take it lightly if he is not. Sometimes the small things can also hurt and can make them arrogant.

14. Love in social media

Love is not the thing to show off if it is within you show to the soul you are connected to. Maybe your boyfriend doesn't post the pictures of you two in social media. No matter if your pics are on his timeline but his gallery would probably have the collection of your weird to the heavens face. Don't feel less love for that your face is imprinted in his heart.

15. His forgiving nature

This should be definitely not taken for granted if your guy has this beautiful nature, kindly give it respect. As he will forgive and you would be forgiven but rebuilding trust will definitely take too long.

16. His decisions

You should be supportive if your partner makes some decision over something. You should appreciate, what he feels and his perceptions. Well, it would be sarcastic if you question his decisions as you are one of them.

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