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13 Easy Ways To Win A Man's Heart

It is quite normal that a girl needs attention, that too from a guy. They try hard to get it anyway but, it requires a little bit of efforts to win someone's heart that a girl should keep in mind. Beauty is within your heart, not face can define it, it is not possible if someone has a good face but not pure heart, to maintain any kind of unbreakable bond. For this, your heart and intentions should be good. Your thoughts and your goodness in the heart can build a strong feeling for you in someone's heart.

1. Say hello to kitchen

Try to make some delicious food or his favorite one to get some appreciation and his attention. It will act as a perfect if you are good in baking just mix your love with the sweetness of the cake. Secure your place in his heart for yourself.

2. Be understanding

Just try to understand him and his situation. When the days don't go well he will surely come to you to listen to him at the end. Tell them that you understand him and his emotions. Try to make him feel worthy of himself.

3. Laugh at his PJ’s

Even if you don't feel so, still you can try out to laugh at his lame jokes I understand that it may be hard but at least appreciate that he made you laugh. Your smile can surely act as an indication of your interest in him.

4. Stay charming

Your charm and your being adorable can make him attract towards you, the personality that you carry will always be one of the reasons why that guy will try to be in touch with you. Maintain it well and let your heart ignite. Be passionate about what you do it will attract him and will make a good impression of yours in him.

5. Be Expressive

You should tell what you feel, making everything chaotic may lead to misunderstanding between you two, so be expressive. Tell him your likes and dislikes, give him space, be less dramatic, more realistic. Keep in mind about conversations that, where they are leading to.

6. Get the things he loves

Notice the things he loves to do and try to do the same and see the smile on his face. He will appreciate your efforts for making him that happy. Ask his hobbies and the type of music he loves to listen. You can also dedicate a song if you are good at singing just express what you feel in the song.

7. Plan a date

If you are close enough, plan a beautiful surprise date and make him feel special. Do make him realize what you feel for him, be less confusing, make him feel stress-free by asking about his day, his likes and dislikes and try to have healthy gossip then having a boring conversation.

8. Dress well

Get yourself dressed so well, that he can't take his eyes off of you. Be attractive by the way you look. Remember your looks do matter. If he is attracted to you then you should be aware of your postures and gestures which is noticed by him as well. Dress smarty not heavily.

9. Be independent

The guys like the girls who are independent, independent enough to pay bills of themselves and more free while talking to him or anyone. It will signify your capability which can win his heart.

10. Be more interactive with his family

Try to talk to his family whenever you get a chance to spend some time with them, remember not to interfere in their personal matters. However, be good to them and make sure that they are comfortable with being with you. Show your interest in them and care for them, meet them occasionally.

11. Take interest in his interests

Talk about his interests and thoughts, ask him about his daily routine try not to get too much involved but show your interest for what he likes if they get mutual between you two then it is a bonus for you.

12. Be there when he needs you

Try to be available when he needs you so that he feels open and comfortable to express what he thinks, just ask him if he is okay with what is going in his life, ask his further plans in future and his ideas for a good life.

13. Ask for his favorite outfit

You can ask him for his favorite outfit of yours and give him a surprise for asking for a long drive. Plan to travel with him and don't forget to be funny, chill with him, discuss how you tried to be with him and open up yourself if he does the same.

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