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30 Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

“Date Night” whenever we hear this we think of something romantic mostly in a very classy way like candlelight dinner. Being in a relationship, going on a date is something many of us has done but have you ever tried to do something different? Bored of the old school romantic dates in restaurants or parks? Here is 30 Fresh and creative date night ideas to try with your loved ones. Say bye to the traditional candlelight dinners and here are some new ideas to blossom your relationship more than ever.

1. Play a game

Playing games on your date night? Yes you heard it right! It can be solving puzzles or treasure hunt or any game you like. Games will make your partner and you have a great time without getting bored so what are you waiting for? Ask your partner what game he/she loved the most when they were kids and play that to relive your childhood.

2. Watch a movie

Many of us love watching movies be it old or new, romantic or horror. Ask your partner which movie you should watch, make some popcorn in your home and watch it. What else can be more romantic than watching the movie you like with your partner in your home? So what are you waiting for? Make your night memorable and make your partner want to spend more time with you.

3. Refresh your childhood

Got any photo albums of your childhood? What are you waiting for then? The best way to know about each other’s childhood and family with a romantic and fun time. So you can have a romantic night with lots to talk about all your childhood incidents and a way to know each other better.

4. Relive the 90s

We all know 90s was romantic in its own way be it shahruk and kajol’s DDLJ or Jo jeetawahisikandar and many more. Specially the songs so play the songs on your music system and ask your partner to dance with you be it a romantic song or 90s party song. Let your partner fall in love with you again like that one in 90s.

5. Enjoy the stars

You probably see stars everyday but have you ever tried to watch it? It is one of the peaceful things to do. Take your partner to the terrace, have a cup of coffee or ice-cream lie down or just sit with each other, talk about life and just watch the magical stars. Make it a day to remember.

6. Take a walk

Yes take a walk! It sounds so casual but it’s one of the romantic things to do. In night under the stars just take a walk through the streets, talk and hold hands. What can be more romantic than this?

7. Watch cartoon shows

We all miss our childhood specially when we live in a place where we are surrounded by work pressures, family issues and what not! So why not take a break from all these and watch your favourite cartoon show with your loved one.

8. Go to some restaurants

Why always go to those fancy restaurants? Go to some restaurants, eat whatever you love enjoy in the less fancy and more casual place.

9. Meet your partner's friends

Everyone is busy during the daytime so why not meet in the night? Call your friends to your home, dance and play, get to know each other. Who said that date means two of you alone?

10. Go to long drive

Yes, long drive in night and this is the best time when you will be free from the traffic and the strong sunlight. Play FM open the windows and enjoy your ride with your partner.

11. Explore the city’s nightlife

Go explore and see the nightlife of your city. Take your partner and enjoy the night in your own way.

12. Panipuri competition

If you are a panipuri lover then this is for you. Challenge your partner and see who wins.

13. Watch light shows

If you live in a city like Delhi then you can visit many light shows during night. Click photos and enjoy the view.

14. Go to some concert

Make full use of the night by going to the concert. Dance your heart out with your partner and have a really good time.

15. Work together

Have a date but some pending work also? Don’t worry ask your partner if they can help and do your work together and after that you can have your own fun.

16. Get drunk

Yeah you heard it right! If you are dating this guy/girl for a long time its time to do something different. Go to some club, dance and get drunk but make sure you reach home safely.

17. Cook together

Hungry? Make dinner together. It will help you guys have a really good time and eating together is romantic in its own way.

18. Discuss your day

Use your date night as stress releaser. Talk to your partner about how your day was and what all you loved and didn’t like. Take suggestions if you need that will help you two connect more.

19. Pillow fighting

Not the only thing to do but you can include it in your list. Out of fashion but still fun to do.

20. Go cycling

Cycling in night? Why not try it. It's more fun than cycling under the sun anyway.

21. Spend your night in the car

It's not that weird as it sounds. After your long drive go to some less noisy place and spend time in your car under the sky. Make sure you do it in some safe place.

22. How about photography?

All of us want a good picture these days to upload. So, use your night to upload some new pictures on the social networking site because we all know that night has its own beauty.

23. Decorate the room together

The best thing about the night? Darkness! Don’t take it the wrong way but see the bright side. You can use your Diwali lights. Decorate your room with fairy lights and have some romantic time with your partner.

24. Sing

Don’t worry if you are not a good singer. Nobody is judging you. Sing whichever song you love with your partner and have a nice time together.

25. Make each other laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Then why not take this medicine with your loved ones? Watch some comedy show or crack some joke on your own. There are always some funny incidents discuss them and have a wonderful time together.

26. Read to your partner

Love reading? Got any favorite book? Read it to your partner and spend the night together.

27. Bonfire

Make full use of the winter night. Light the fire, play some romantic music and cuddle your partner. Have the best of your night

28. Try to learn something new together

Learning doesn’t sound so romantic but try it once. Ask your partner if there is something they want to learn. If you know that teach them if you don’t know then learn together. Make your partner feel that you are interested in his/her life.

29. Vodka shots

Go and challenge your partner to beat you in vodka shots. Do it in your home to be safe.

30. Go to some open mic night

Yes, open mic! The best way to dedicate something for your partner in front of everyone.
So, these are 30 fresh tips for your date night. Try it and make your partner want you more than ever.

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