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21 TIPS to Make Your Relationship Stronger

A relationship can be solid and will continue to grow only if the core of your relationship is strong. A strong relationship leads to a lifelong relationship. It needs equal participation from both the partners as well as mutual understanding, communication and of course lots and lots of love. So, I’m going to brief on some points that can make your relationship stronger.
P.S. I’m the relationship advisor of my group even though I’m single.

1. Communication

This is the leading key to your relationship. Sit down, breathe and talk. Let them know everything. Your wildest fears and your strongest memories. It is needful that you communicate to avoid the misunderstandings, assuming and misconceptions. Talking out the problem helps a lot. And talk even if there is no problem.

2. Loving Yourself

It is the building block of your relationship. You cannot love anyone else if you do not love yourself. Loving yourself is essential. Building your own identity, finding yourself, understanding yourself is the road to doing the same to your partner. To be accepted you have to accept yourself first.

3. Trust

It is the biggest thing in a relationship. Be it a long distance relationship or a short one, trust is the survival force for it all. It is very important to be faithful and honest in a relationship. Do not cheat. If you feel out of it or want a break, talk it out but never do something to break the other’s trust. It is the most fragile thing and can be broken like stitches.

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4. Listening

Another strong force is the listening force. Give your undivided attention to your partner and try not to interrupt when they are talking. It makes them feel assured that there is someone at the end of the day to share their burdens and happiness. Just listen patiently.

5. Dates

Dates are not only hanging out at expensive places or going for a movie or planning something once in a while. You can spend time together at your home or go for little walks or sit together and read. Small trivial things can make updates. The goal is to spend time. Ignoring or meeting up occasionally are not signs of a healthy relationship.

6. Equality

Treating your other half as equal is a necessary ingredient for a strong relationship. Share everything-the workload, bills, cooking, taking each other on dates, buying flowers, taking care. Every aspect should be given equal treatment. It creates a balance.

7. Encouragement

It is very necessary to uplift your partner. It can be in any manner but the aspect of being there and being supportive is essential. Never drag them down or abuse them in any way. Encouraging them for petty things can also help them build themselves and their identity. Always be there.

8. Happiness

Bring them all the happiness in the world. Crack jokes and make them laugh even when they don’t want to. It shows them how invested you are in the relationship. Try to build a positive aura around them. Make them feel they are worth everything and will continue to be.

9. Protection

I have often noticed an insecurity blanket around couples. It is either due to lack of protection or due to feeling worthless. It is your duty to make them feel safe and secure, that there will be no harm against them.

10. Frankness

Always be open towards your partner. Don’t lie or hide anything. It is important to remain frank and set your cards on the table. Being open about your choices and ambitions does not make you look weak, it instead strengthens your relationship.

11. Acceptance

It is the basic need for a strong relationship. You accept the person just as they are and never point out their flaws. You never put them below yourself or let anyone put you below them. Another key rule is to never change yourself to suit someone else’s need. Self-acceptance is the greatest deed.

12. Affection

Showing affection is not counted as weak. Again, it makes the person feel loved and shows your investment in the relationship. Showering with occasional gifts, even if they are small, is must. Also, complementing them is necessary. It gives them a confidence boost.
Soure: unsplash

13. Decision-Making

Strong relationships are the cause of equal decision making. Ask for each other’s advice. It is an honest, personal experience that when you involve the person in even the smallest matter, it makes them feel cared and loved for. It is a genuine key to strong relationships.

14. Meetings

It is very much needed that after a certain amount of time, you make your partner known to your family and friends. Though it is a big step, it assures the long-lastingness of your relationship.

15. Fight

However worst your relationship turns into, fight for it till the very end. If it is worth all the pain, tears and blood, then fight for it. Regretting will lead you to nowhere. It will turn your life into a vicious circle.

16. Selfless

You might have to put your partner’s needs before you. Never hesitate in providing the best for them even if costs you a fortune. Be humble and gentle. Your emotions will only be reflected if it is shown in the first place.

17. Changes

Be very much open to changes. You will have to adjust and mold yourself if you enter a relationship and want it to last long. Even if it involves small placements, try to find a common ground. A balance which you both can create.

18. Strong

To be in a strong relationship, you have to be strong yourself. Falling in love is pure madness. It can make you scream in laughter and turn your insides until it aches. You have to be strong to face such a ride.

19. Sex

Physical contact takes your relationship to a whole new level. It is very necessary to have a strong physical and emotional connection for a healthy relationship. I think trying different methods or exploring the field with a passionate emotional connect can make your relationship stronger.

20. Hardships

Facing hardships together and emerging out of it as a team strengthens your bond. Coming out of the storm is definitely good but coming out holding hands is much more better. You need to walk together through everything.

21. Mutual Understanding

Lastly, there always has to be a common ground. Even if you tend to sway away sometimes, make sure there is a definite common base for both of you to return. The relationship is about both of you and not only one of you. So, to have a mutual understanding, the place between two extremes, is a must.
I hope this helps you out to have a stronger relationship and if you are already in a strong relationship, keep going on.

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