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16 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding is one of the most memorable and important days for not only the bride but the groom as well. It is an unforgettable event due to all the reasons right from your over brimming excitement to your wedding destination. The couple wants everything to be perfect on their wedding day and they take the best steps to make the event stand out as much as possible. However, they tend to make certain mistakes while planning their wedding due to numerous possible reasons. Here is a list of the most common mistakes the couple unknowingly and unintentionally tends to commit while planning their big day.

1. Deciding the wedding date in haste

The couple is now engaged and is in an excited state of getting married. They just can’t wait to get into that attire and be the center of attention. This excitement may result into finalizing the wedding date in haste and ending up complicating things further.

2. Planning other factors before finalizing the guest list

After working out the wedding date, the very next ideal priority must be finalizing the guest list. The number of expected guests further decide the vendors, caterers, the place where the wedding will take place, the amount of food that will be ordered and so on. However, the hustle and bustle results in forgetting the priorities and causing more confusions.

3. Skipping the videographer

It is assumed that there are going to be at least a couple of photographers to capture the once in the lifetime moments and it is ensured that they are the best photographers available. Nevertheless, the real magic is captured in the videos, we can replay the wedding scene like memories over and over again. Sadly, sometimes the videographer is not even in the planning list of the couple.

4. Excess decoration

Every couple wants their wedding to be outstanding and fancy. They try to do the best of everything for their memorable day. They plan all big and bright, but this big and bright can sometimes be too bright for the eyes to be able to see. So, it is wise to make it a point that you don’t overdo things.

5. Ignoring the key of wedding

Overdoing thigs eventually leads to another mistake in the planning of the wedding: overlooking the key purpose and the attraction of the wedding.

6. Wasting money

These overly done things, as a result, increase your expenditure unnecessarily.

7. Bachelor party the night before your wedding

It is a trend to enjoy your last night of freedom by attending the bachelor’s party. To avoid any mishaps the idea is to party a few days before the wedding day and not on the eve of the wedding day.

8. Not considering your partner while planning the wedding

Wedding is an event where there are 2 units coming together to become as one whole. Your partner is as important as much you are. Therefore, it is a responsibility of both the partners to consider each other while making the decisions.

9. Panicking

It is natural to be nervous and anxious about the big day but one of the both or both of them sometimes panic. Panicking does not help at all but surely adds up to the existing pressure.

10. Spending without making a budget

The wedding expense includes many different expenditures which amount to the final big number. It is wise for the couple to make a budget beforehand to avoid the escalating expense.

11. Assuming the weather to be good on your wedding day

Whether you plan your wedding to be in a hall, a church or a temple or at some destination, it is always advisable to have a firm backup in case of rains or insufficient electricity supplies. You don’t want to marry your better half in the dark.

12. Not considering consultation at all

Most of the couples want to make their own decisions simply because it is their wedding. Agreed, that they want things to work out according to their planning, but it is mandatory that they consult some professional. The couple and the professional can then chalk out the wedding plan efficiently according to the couple’s choice, expectations, and preferences.

13. Messing up with the number of attendants

Inviting more people than necessary and overestimating the number of attendants while ordering to the caterers. It is your big day and you want to invite as many people as possible to be present in your happiness. Getting overwhelmed by the emotions is pretty obvious in this situation. Although staying calm and rational will be beneficial more than you would possibly think.

14. Only the brides spending on the massive expenditure

The times are changing and so ideally the people getting married should also be changing. Earlier it was the bride’s family who bore all the expenses of the wedding but it is a very backward thought to do so. If both the people are getting married to each other, it is very important to share not only the good moments but also the responsibilities right from their marriage until death do them part.

15. Micromanaging the vendors

Just because the couple wants everything to be utterly perfect, they end up micromanaging the professionals every now and then from the beginning of the event until the very end. This creates tension between the couple and the service providers. You do not want the service provider to back from the contract at the last moment.

16. Vague prioritizing

Setting unclear boundaries, be it making a list of the menu for food or making an invitation list of the wedding attendants or even the finances, it will drive you insane with the liabilities. Instead be crystal clear about the limits and achieve it with efficient efforts. Lucid prioritizing is the key guys!!

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