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15 Things To Do This Easter with Your Boyfriend

We all celebrate Easter with fervor and enthusiasm. To live up to the expectations of our loved ones we do not need to spend a whole deal of money on buying, arranging and organizing gifts and parties for Easter. It can be done in a better, efficient and frugal way as well. The festival is celebrated to show the love and care for our loved ones. This not at all requires a pompous show of our love. We are here providing some cheap and easy to carry out ideas for Easter. Hope you love executing them and have joy while your loved ones open it with a big smile.
  1. Firstly think about what and how will you be designing a basket. You might use an old small bucket and paint it, or a bowl and cover it with colored paper or cane baskets go well with gift wrapping paper. Choose the color and the base of your basket. Then only you will be able to move further.
  2. Coming on to the next step. Just check what is the person whom you want to give the basket to. If you are giving it to a child fill it with lots of candies chocolates. If the receiver is a teenager then fill the basket with utilities or some cash coupons. If it is your loved whom you are presenting the basket. Just fill it with love signs. If your parents are going to get it then do put in a card to show them your love.
  3. If you are going to give it to your children put in candies and bunny cookies which you might make yourself. You might even opt for bunny chocolates or homemade cakes. Homemade cake is a healthier option and showcases your love and you customize it as well. You can even bake cookies. You might even make paper cuttings to decorate the basket or take their handprints beforehand and put them on your basket to decorate it.
  4. If your teenage child is going to receive the basket. Put in shampoos, lotions, aromatic soaps, razors or gift coupons which might be useful to them. Make your basket look funky by adding glitter to it and obviously add lots of candies to it.
  5. If your loved ones are fond of chocolates put in some heart chocolates to the basket. You might even customise the basket to their liking. Cakes are a sure shot helper.
  6. Your parents are those sweet people who require special mention on all such occasions. They demand your attention and they love you unconditionally. Gift them a cake and maybe a handmade card. But if you are short on time do remember to go over to them or ask them to your place and show your love in any way possible. If it is not possible to meet post them a card to show your love.
  7. Your friends are an integral part of your life. You must show them your love in any way possible. You might give them a card or a note telling them how important they are for you. A small something they wanted to buy since long.
  8. You can also gift your children in a unique way. You might hide their basket somewhere and ask them to find it or you might give them clue cards leading to each other and in the end to the basket. You might even leave a trail of chocolates leading to their basket.
  9. You might ask your children to paint their ideas of Easter and on the day put the pictures up in your drawing room for everyone to see.
  10. Lookout for things your near and dear ones were wanting to buy since long and plan that thing for them.
  11. Plan a meal for your family. A family that eats together stays together.
  12. You can put up plastic Easter eggs everywhere in the house. It will give a nice feel to the house as well a nice eastery vibe.
  13. Buy a good lot of chocolates. Chocolates give a happy vibe to the festivities. And they help you release oxytocins which make you happier.
  14. Keep a themed party for your friends and enjoy being bunnies.
  15. You might even get pet bunnies for your home this easter.

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