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13 Ways to Attract A Guy Through Text

Impressing people is an art. It shows in your potential how you get people to like you. But the best trick is to be yourself and not exaggerate. Texting guys, especially with the goal to impress them, can be a little bit complicated. But you have to know that it shouldn’t be one-sided. The guy should be as much interested in you just as you are. And the process should be effortless. The aim is not to try too hard. So, here are some tips to woo a guy over text without trying too hard.

1. Be Flirty

The foremost trick is to flirt subtly. Don’t make it obvious that you are flirting with him. Make it seem as he is the one who is initiating the flirting. You doing all the flirting can come off as you being clingy or trying too hard. Let him do all the dirty talking.

2. Don’t be too desperate

Coming off as desperate or trying too hard is a big turn- off. Let him fight for what he wants and the fact that men love a chase is also a bonus. Don’t ask direct questions, make some roundabouts and let him know that you are worth the fight.

3. Compliment him

Complimenting him in between texts is the key. Make him feel that he is worth it and you are very much satisfied with the way things are going. Men love the attention they get from women. But the compliments should be nuanced, in different shades, letting them know what they even don’t about themselves.

4. Don’t drag the conversation

If you try to make long conversations, you will come off as clingy. Keep it short and crisp. It should make him want to text you again because you left him hanging the last time. Try to be discrete and come off as mysterious. He will try harder to unravel your secrets if there aren’t many.

5. Don’t be too obvious

Again, don’t be so obvious that you are trying to get his attention or trying to impress him. He would think that you are trying too hard. Be delicate but fierce, like he should know that you are worth but not someone who can’t live without him.

6. Find a common ground

Try to find a place or conversation that you both are interested into. It will make the conversation more smooth and interesting. It will also want him to make the conversation going because of the matching interests.

7. Don’t talk about sex

It very much comes off as desperate. Talking about sex or sending sexy picturesin the initial conversations can be a major turn-off. And what if it doesn’t last long, sending out naked pictures won’t do you any good.

8. Talk about him

Sometimes make him the centre point of conversation. Get to know him, his likes and dislikes, what are his goals, what does he do in his past-time, etcetera. But don’t delve into personal matters or secrets. He would think that you are stalking him. If you know something about him already through social media, let him be comfortable enough to share the details with you. Don’t nag him.

9. Using emojis

Using light emojis like smiley face or some laughing face. It helps to make the conversation much easier. It makes the tone light and joking. But don’t use them too much. Simplicity at its best.

10. Using his name

It is not necessary to use his name but it brings a tweak in the conversation. It makes the conversation more passionate and sensual. It will peak his interest in the conversation as well as in you.

11. Tease him

It shouldn’t be serious teasing. Light teasing wherein you make fun of him. Using emojis here can build to your advantage. Don’t tease him in an arousing manner. Keep it simple and quirky so that he doesn’t feel offended.

12. Don’t make assumptions

This is an important rule of texting. Do not make any accusations or presumptions. Listen to what he has to say and give objective opinions. Advise him only if there is a need or if he asks for one. Don’t judge him in any circumstances. Men like when women listen to them patiently and without interruptions.

13. Make him laugh

Having a good sense of humor builds your personality. Being funny and chill makes you more appealing. Men love it when they are able to laugh freely and women being the cause of it is much better. Don’t make cringy jokes or use clich├ęd pick-up lines. Keep it simple and original.
Well-oriented and light messages fix their attention on you. They try a little bit harder to understand you and get your attention. So, if you try to impress a guy over text remember the do’s and the don’ts. But the main ingredient is to always be yourself. Never try to be something or come off as something that you are not.

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