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13 Values That You Can Compromise in A Relationship

Relationships are an inseparable factor of human life. Relationships fuel our not only physical but psychological drives. There are various types of relationships based of their nature and function. But the cord that strikes when we say the word ‘relationship’ is an intimate and passionate one. The word relationship is closely associated with love. Successful relationships are found on self-love, respect, trust, communication, honesty/transparency, etc. But it takes a wise person to know when to compromise of the ideal values.


Truthfulness can sometimes be compromised on, in case of surprises or white lies. In these cases, being honest either spoils the situation or is harmful for a person. This does NOT mean that you continuously compromise on this value in your relationship because being true to each other is a cornerstone of a relationship.


Being unbiased is showing no prejudice for or against something. In a relationship it but obvious that you put your partner first and above all to give them the feeling of priority. Being partial for your relationship is sometimes healthy. Putting him/her before others, gives the partner a sense of how important that person is in your life.


Orderliness is a combination of cleanliness and diligence. It is sometimes okay to not maintain orderliness in your life. It is okay to make a mess on the bed while pillow fighting. Don't let cleanliness come in between you and your partner’s bonding. Have fun, make spontaneous plans, go out of the line sometimes. But yes, SOMETIMES. Being in an unclean environment can be harmful for health and can be the cause of irritation.


It is acceptable in a relationship to not be content ABOUT your partner. Don't take me otherwise, but I would not get just enough of my partner. To be greedy about your partner is acceptable, but not otherwise at all.


Cooperation is a value that enables to be with people around us smoothly. In a relationship, compromising on cooperation can mean bringing in a bit of competition. This can be only for fun purposes of course. You don't want to make things difficult for yourself unnecessarily.


Assertiveness is not always necessary in relations. Rather, one hardly needs to use assertiveness. This value can be surely compromised on as you can sugar coat things for your partner.


Sometimes, only sometimes it is beneficial to compromise on self-respect. For example, in case of long distance relationships both the partners have to compromise on either their education or careers or jobs. This is fair enough and helps in maintaining the relation in the long run.


It is not a good sign that you alone keep on giving to the relation and your partner. It may seem generous, but this will give your partner am impression of you taking all the responsibility and the partner might eventually start taking you for granted.


“Silence is golden”, comes handy many a times. In cases where saying something (even the truth) may hurt the partner or harm the relationship, compromising on your communication is a wise choice.


It is stereotyped that females are more sensitive than males. But this does not mean that males do not feel emotions of great intensity. The partner who is more sensitive than the other, tends to be a victim in a bad relationship. Being “too sensitive" may give a chance to your partner to take your advantage using emotions.


It is hardly about competition in any relationship. Striving for excellence may tend to pose a threat to the relationship. Isn't it okay to let your partner win, for the sake of the happiness of both the parties?


Prudence is cautiousness. It is very necessary to be cautious of the various factors in your surrounding but compromising on this in a relationship will take you to another level. It is more fun to go with the flow, keeping aside your prudence. It will bring both of the partners closer and will help strengthen the bond.


Patience is a virtue. Compromising on patience to ‘spice things up’ in a relationship is a must. But losing patience in your relationship at the other points of time may spell you “trouble”.

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