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12 Weird Things Couples Do at Home

We all have been through a time where we have these little stupid secrets between us and our partner. It often starts with a random thing and the next thing you know there are no separate boundaries between both of you in the confines of your home. Of course, there are weird things you do in public but when in your private shelter, things bounce onto another level. You have those inside jokes and those random tricks that are not weird but make people think that you are weird. But having such private tweaks strengthens your relationship and makes it all the more interesting. These are some common things that almost all couples do.

1. Nudity

Once you are in that comfortable phase of your relationship, the nudity factor does not matter. There is no privacy or no fear of being naked around each other. Some couples call it “liberating”. It is very much okay to prance around in your birthday suit in front of each other. It shows complete acceptance for each other.

2. Forts

Building forts from pillows and blankets is another thing that couples do. It is mostly what kids do. But the comfort and homeliness emitting from the fort is supposed to be cuddly and cozy. So, building forts while watching movies or just for cuddling is absolute fun.

3. Keeping Count

This is one of the weirdest and funniest things that couples do. I have tried some of it with my friends and it is actually amazing the level it takes our relationship on. Generally, couples keep counting on the number of farts or the number of times they use the loo. It turns into a competition. They sometimes eat food that increases their bowel movements and keeps going until the other gives up. The other competitions are silent treatments, cooking races, etcetera.

4. Licking

An innocent lick turns out to be a full-blown match. They lick each other anywhere and everywhere. The only rule is not to spit. They try to cover each other with as much dribble as they can. And of course, the one with more saliva on their body losses.

5. Texting

This is a thing which is very common among siblings, family members, friends, and couples. You text each other being in the same room or two different rooms. It is because either you are lazy or pretty much feel like doing it.

6. Sex

Of course, this is completely private or in the confines of your home. But couples tend to do a lot of weird things while having sex. Starting from different positions using whipped cream, icings, butter to lick off of the body.

Source: unsplash

7. Nicknames

Giving nicknames to your other half is not weird but giving strange names is definitely weird. It actually sounds gross but who are we to judge. Names like sugar candy, sweet pea, buttercup, peach, etcetera are quite unusual and weird and sometimes completely rubbish.

8. Language

This is definitely absurd but one of the sweetest things I find in couples. They either talk in a completely different language when alone or some made up code language that people around them don’t understand. They also have special codes or sign languages for peculiar things and they notify each other through those codes and signs.

9. Clothes

Wearing each other’s clothes is weird but not actually weird. Girls often wear their boyfriend’s clothes outside but it is very rare to find a boy wearing his girl’s clothes outside. Being at home, out of the public’s eye, it can be done easily.
P.S. The fun part is if it is a girl x girl relationship or a boy x boy relationship, you can wear each other’s clothes wherever you want.

Source: unsplash

10. Dancing

Dancing in front of your partner or with your partner with the weirdest moves can be termed as embarrassing but it is not. When you are in a relationship you accept the best and the worst altogether. So, dancing together or alone in your “sexy” moves is the icing on the cake.

11. Bathroom

Peeing in front of your partner, I think, is the last phase of breaking boundaries. Couples pee in front of each other and also talk while doing it. It shows the frankness and openness in your relationship.

12. Gossiping

This is a complete myth breaker. A lot, and when I say a lot, I actually have a lot of friends who are in a relationship and they gossip with their partner. Everything that has occurred in the day is spoken of as a top secret between two undercover agents. It is quite amusing to even watch them doing the same in public. Oh, the problems of a third wheeler!

Source: unsplash
Even if these things are weird, at the end of the day, it makes you know your partner inside out and strengthens the core of the relationship. It is important to be full of curves rather being straight. It will make you bend more as per the circumstances and not the deal things in one manner. And as said by Chanakya, “Straight trees are cut first”.

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