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12 Ways to Deal with Your Angry Boyfriend

We all know how ” UNDERSTANDING” is required in any relationship. It is the foundation of any relationship, you should feel happy by being with your partner, you should be loyal to each other.
The power of that love in a relationship or the value of that relationship can only be understood by the stakeholders, who are in that relationship.
However, there may occur a bad point where this relationship can turn towards the negative way. 'BEING ANGRY' is one of the circumstances where your partner may feel annoyed or angry by any of your discussion or action. Though this occurs in every relationship, it can be for short or long time period but you need not worry ‼ it will vanish in some time.

1. Pick Up the Reason

First of all, one should check out the reason that why your boyfriend is feeling that? Try to recognise and fetch what made him feel this. If you are able to do this, you will yourself realise that where you were wrong, and what you should stop doing in future for your healthy relationship.

2. Wipe Out Your Ego

You need to give up on your ego, for whatever mistake you have done. you should understand that whatever had hurt him, whether you have done it intentionally or unintentionally you should feel that how much he is hurt, try to put yourself in his place.

3. Apology at The Top

Everyone knows that in a healthy relationship how important it is to drown some of our bad attitudes, moods (well…..‼ sometimes girls are in a bad mood too‼ which becomes freaking horrible sometimes) But the point is, at this phase where your bae is angry with you …. Try not to do more things which he hates...say “HELLO” to “SORRY”.

4. Hug The Things He Loves

Try to make him happy by putting your small efforts, like doing the things he loves, you can send some cute songs to him, or sing for him if you are able to(or not )…. Just try to make him happy. He will surely be happy with all the cute stuff you are doing for him.

5. Say Hi to Jolly Things

Try to make him laugh, if you can mimic then that’s the best, go for it, poor and lame jokes can also work well! You can prefer tickling as a weapon to make him laugh, because that may sort out, if he’s angry for some small thing.

6. Are You Good at Kitchen?

It is well and good if you love to cook and good at bakery, that would be an award for you if you do know that, you can try some of your bakery experiments or cooking too, try out making some dishes that he loves or you can have some trust on cake… that can be surely enough to make him smile .

7. Make Him Optimistic

Not all the times you can be the reason for his angriness, make him realise that the bad days do not take home for many days, they’ll soon cut-off, make him feel regret less of what is making him angry and annoyed. Making him emotionally strong will help him to cool down his anger soon.

8. Spend Some More Time Together

Spend together some more time so that it will help to recover both of you from this phase, you can watch out his favourite movies together, plan for a weekend trip, try to understand him more closely. clear misunderstandings if you feel that is what he is minding.

9. Plan for A Special Date

You can plan for a date also if you think that is what you are lacking, or you feel that is what you need. if it is valentine’s day you have many options to make him feel special. The red roses, heart-shaped balloons, a heart-melting long drive can work for it.

10. Give Him Space

Maybe he wants some space for himself to recover him, it happens sometimes that the soul needs to find himself, don’t detach him from yourself wholly but try to make him feel comfortable with himself, make sure that he’s not irritated by your doings if it does, then you need to stop them soon.

11. Make Him Feel Good About Himself

Try to make him feel awesome about himself, tell him how good he is. Send him some positive vibes when he is at a distance from you. Try to build a strong bond with him, hug him tightly if he feels down, praise what he has done in his past, how capable he is to face any problem in his life.

12. Make Him Realize How All of You Needs All of Him

“COZ ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU”. Try to make him realise about the good time you have spent together and how grateful you are to have him in your life, how glad you are and how he is important in your life. make him realise that how his angriness is affecting you. Show him how much you love him and get dipped in the pool of love with him again.

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