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12 Lies Your Boyfriend Has Probably Told You

Hiding a lie can break a healthy relationship. However, sharing that can break that lie resulting, to trust more on your partner. There can be some time where your partner say the truth in front of you just for fun or it can be the thing he wanted to say from long.
However, each of you should have the power of forgiving and forgetting. If he is making efforts to tie the relationship in an unbreakable knot then it's your responsibility to hold that for a lifetime, don't take it seriously if it is just a prank (can be a joke ).

1. He has affair with another girl

Well, this can be the most hurting lie for you. Yet it's just a lie. You should feel confident about your bond, rather than accusing what he says. You should have trust on your partner even if says so ask him if he wants any other to be? Or just hit him hard if he is pranking on you.

2. Denying from holding your hand at 80

This is the sensitive lie, that you may feel to be true more, as it happens sometimes in a relationship, circumstances don't match with your thinking. Yet again it's just a lie that he is saying. You will be sure if your relationship is worth it.

3. Your bestie isn't hot

Well, this phrase can be used by your boyfriend if you ask them (only if you ask). They will surely deny, but you can not stand by what they actually feel but you should feel at the top when it comes to beauty and hotness. Remember beauty doesn't attract minds, hearts do.

4. He is Richie rich

Money, shouldn't be the factor for falling in love with the guy, but money does attract girls He may do it for one, two or three probably. He can lie about being Richie rich but it shouldn't affect you if he says so because he has your precious heart and you both hold a golden bond.

5. Shift + delete + past

How much he says that he has given up on his past love but he will surely have a soft corner for his ex. He may lie about being all for you. You just need to make him comfortable if feels down for his past, or maybe he's saying just to tease you.

6. I am at your flat, but he steps back

He can make you believe him by saying that he is driving to your flat, and make you excited but then you may find that it's a lie. This can make you some disappointed but you have an option. You can go to his place if you miss him that bad.

7. He is drunk

Well, this can happen in a long distance relationship or when you are not together physically. He can make you feel that he is drunk or can say you that he is, while he is actually not. However, you don't know the truth so just ask him to stop lying if he is.

8. You don't cook well

A girl will accurately know whether she is good in the kitchen or not. However, if your boyfriend says so, then you should not feel low because you can get over it by practicing. If you know you are good and then also your guy says the same, just ask him to check out his taste buds or you can conclude that he's a liar.

9. A girl passing by is more beautiful

He may tease you by saying this white lie by pointing, the girl passing by is more beautiful. However, chill it's a lie because if she was more beautiful than you, then you shouldn't have been sitting beside him.

10. His “ I am busy”

Depending on the priority, being busy can be the lie. Yet make sure that he is actually busy or not it can be just to avoid you or he must be just ready to knock on your door to surprise you…ooh! That sounds soo cute.

11. He forgot your birthday

It can be the most arrogant for you when you'll hear this from him. He will act like he has forgotten but actually, he has more than just amazing plans for you. He can say so just to see your reaction to these words or for teasing purpose “it could be a special date too”.

12. He doesn't find you interesting anymore

It should be considered as a big lie as he can prank on you and this can be the most interesting reaction for him to see on your face. Well, you are intelligent enough to feel if it is a truth or not, the time has the most beautiful answer for everything.

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