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12 Things To Tell Your Boyfriend During Your Goodnight Call

These are some basic things that you would like to tell your man on the phone or text before going to bed. These will definitely make him feel loved and relaxed. A study also says that talking before sleep can help you make your relationship stronger and last longer. Men like it when women express their love and care for them through different ways, one of the main reasons being that they are unable to express it properly. So, I hope that these help you out.


Tell him you love him before you go to bed. Remind him all the small things that you love about him. Make him feel special. Tell him how you have been waiting all the day just to talk before you can sleep and so that his voice will be the last thing you will hear before going to bed.


Thank him. Appreciate him for all the efforts he has taken throughout the day to remind you that he is still there. Perhaps, it might be flowers, a date, a sweet message or email, a long conversation or making you breakfast. But remember to thank him before bed. It will let him know that you are noticing the efforts he is putting in the relationship and they are not going to waste.


Let him know that you had rather sleep with him than sleeping alone in a cold bed. That you would talk about mindless things or about your day, cuddled up together, and then fall asleep in each other’s arms, tugging the blanket. Show him that you need him and reciprocate his love.


You can also tell him that it will be difficult to sleep without him snoring by your side. That you would miss him and would wear one of his clothes to sleep in. His clothes would provide you the comfort and make you feel safe.


Let him know that you will be dreaming about him and hope that he dreams about you too. You can maybe send some love quotes to show your love. Add emojis to your messages to show what you feel.


You can sing a sweet song or some lines of a poetry that he loves. Saying clich├ęd dialogues is also romantic. Let him know that you have been thinking about him and couldn’t wait for the night to get over.


Tell him that you wish he was the first face you want to see in the morning. That you wanted to sleep with your bodies pressed together and limbs tangled. Tell him that it also makes you feel secure and protected when sleeping in his arms.


Let him know how much he means to you. That you’d travel the world and back to bring him the utmost happiness. Men want to feel loved just as much as women do. The only fact is that they are bad at expressing it.


Listen to his rants. Let him know that however apart you are, you’d still be there for him at the end of the day. He could come to you or wake you up in the middle of the night and you would still answer and hold him together.


Show him the excitement that you absolutely cannot wait for the next day to see him. That you will still be thinking of him in the morning until you meet him.


Tell him your night becomes all the better because of talking to him. It makes you feel content and satisfied. That you would like to listen to his voice as the last thing before bed for the rest of your life. That it makes you happy with the progress you are making. That he makes you smile.


Let him know how much you appreciate the relationship. That you very lucky to have a man like him in your life and that you never want to spend another day apart from him. That you really miss him.
You can add any of your personal quotations with these or give them a twist in your own way. You can also talk about how you wished that you’d make love first and then sleep tight, all wrapped up in each other’s arms. Showing your genuine affection for the person can lead to positive sleeping and make the person want to wake up with a smile on their face. Let him know that you cherish each and every single aspect of your relationship and wouldn’t want to see a day without him.

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