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10 Secrets to Successful Long-Term Relationship or Marriage

Many of us have been in a relationship these days but how many of that work? Some of us break up in few months and some stays together for years. It is said that it's easy to fall in love but it's very difficult to stay in love. But if you are in a long-term relationship with your partner then there are some things which should not be awkward for you two. These 10 things are the most important things which should never be awkward between you and your partner.

1. Discussing your future together

Discussing future is something which not all the couples do. Most of them prefer to live in the present and not think about the future but if you and your partner are really serious about your relationship then future planning is something which should never be awkward for you guys. Instead of being awkward it should give you pleasure to think about your future together.

2. Discussing personal issues

We usually do not share all our personal issue with our partner because we feel awkward that he/she will judge us. But if you both are in a long-term relationship then its necessary for you two to be open with each other about everything. If you have any personal issue you should feel free to share it with your partner rather than feeling awkward. Helping each other out when in trouble is the true sign of being in a serious relationship.

3. Introducing your partner with family and friends

Introducing your partner with your family and friends is something which should not sound awkward to you if you consider your relationship as long term. Make your partner a part of your life and introduce her/him to everyone who is close to you. Make her/him feel that they are not an outsider.
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4. Being yourself

When we start dating, we always make sure that we look good and we do everything perfectly so that our partner won’t think bad about us. We make sure that we give a good impression of us on them. But if your relationship becomes long term then being yourself should not be awkward. You can dress up however you want, you can eat however you like, you can do whatever you are comfortable with without thinking about what your partner is going to think. You both should be fully comfortable with each other with what you are.

5. Discussing your salary

Money is something we don’t feel comfortable to discuss it with everyone. But you should not feel awkward to discuss your salary or ask about your partner’s salary and not only salary but if you are facing any money issue you don’t need to feel awkward to ask your partner to lend you some money. It's not like we should ask them to give us money all the time but if we really need it then it should not be awkward to ask them to help.

6. Farting or burping

It’s a weird thing to discuss but it’s a natural thing. We don’t do it in front of everyone but if you and your partner have been together for a long time and serious about each other then it should not be awkward between you two. It’s a funny thing but it said: “couple who farts together, stays together”.
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7. Being naked

We don’t take off our clothes in front of everyone. But if you two are in a long-term relationship then being naked in front of each other should not be awkward to you. Not only a naked body but naked soul also. You both should know each other completely and should not be ashamed of anything about you. Afterall, you love each other, you are serious about each other, what is there to feel awkward for?

8. Sharing your darkest secret

Have some secret? Why not tell it to the person you love. There is nothing to feel awkward for if you have some secret to share. All of us have done something which we don’t want everyone to know but that person is not like everyone. If you guys are in a long-term relationship, there should not be any secrets hiding between you two.

9. Teasing or maybe playfully punching

We don’t tease everyone we know because we don’t know that person will like it or not. But with our long-term partner, it should not be awkward. We can tease them with a funny nickname or maybe we can jokingly order them to do our work. Or if your partner is irritating you, you can playfully punch them. Playing or teasing or behaving like a kid with each other should never be awkward for you two.

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10. Crying

We are humans and we all have feelings. It is normal to get hurt and cry. But we don’t cry in front of people because we don’t want them to think that we are weak. But in front of your long-term partner, you should not feel awkward to cry and share your pain. You can cry your heart out and they won’t judge you. Rather they will understand you and calm you down.
So, if you are in a long-term relationship with anyone, don’t hesitate or feel awkward to do these things because they are not like the rest of them. They love you and they will support you no matter what.

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