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10 Honest Signs He is not Your Soulmate

We all have come across happy couples all around us. And the happiness of such couples also inspires us to be in a beautiful relationship with someone who can understand us, be our partner, be the person with whom we share everything. But getting to know someone and trusting them is a very complex thing. One needs to remain cautious and watchful of people who might trick you into relationships and later hurt you. The strength of emotions might overcome the practicality of the mind but we must keep in mind that the emotional wounds are hard to be healed. Gut feeling (intuition, or sixth sense) is a powerful tool you possess which may greatly help you in choosing your partner.
Following are the ways your gut will help you all along the course of the relationships:


When he is being overly possessive: When you love someone it is important that they reciprocate the same and stay truthful to you. One must try to remain faithful to their partners. But the problem starts when one tries to control your actions, clothing, going out, etc. whereas they demand complete freedom for themselves. I once had a relationship with a guy who used to control every little detail of my being(my clothing, my friends, where I was at a certain, even wanted me to head back home as soon as college gets over if he is not with me) such things actually fret you up but you just don’t want to take a stand because you love him and you believe that he is the best. But just be there for yourself and take help of your sixth sense.


When he avoids eye contact: Obviously I don’t mean that your partner should always look you in the eye, but if your significant other generally avoids eye contact or just does not believe it to be important. When he is constantly trying to avoid your gaze and does not look at you while talking to you. Ok, so once a guy used to answer all my questions well but used to look away after he has answered this actually hit me off but I trusted him so I trusted his words. But that was not what my hunch hinted. We ended up bad in the end.


When you think something is amiss in his words, do take this signal seriously as this is something which we often try to avoid confronting. We tend to believe all that he says because we trust him, but we must keep a cautionary eye on his words and deeds and if they do not conform with each other we must be strong and willed enough to point that out. When you always feel that he is eating up his words or just simply hiding it from you, I believe you must get the evident danger signs and just leave the toxic connection.


When he hangs out with all girls party or meets his exes or other girls behind your back. If he meets girls without telling you and does not let you meet your guy friends even in social gatherings then it is a win-win situation only if you give up on this draining space. I had a guy in life who in this way not worth my trust and kept meeting various girls and kept on flirting behind my back and afterward when I used to get knowing it, he would put up big lies and try to give fake proofs which I kept on believing until very late.


When he does not understand your strains at all. When he is to always put up his problems up and above and never let you state your problems and if he ever listens to you your woes are just falling on his deaf ears. If your 6th sense ever feels that way just leave the guy and move towards the breakup. You cannot be weighed down by his problems, he even needs to understand you and your problems if he wishes him to hear.
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When your body turns away from every time. Every time you are close to him if your heart says just run away then it is the time to just pack your bags and go flying. I had a boyfriend early on in my life who loved me yet my heart tried to just run away from him because it just found his vibes stifling. That is what I did in the end because I had no option left on hand.


When your gut does not think that he is serious about you. This might be in any form. He might be slanderous or outrageous or even irritating. He might try to aggravate you often and if your heart does not give a positive reaction to that it is time to fly away birdie. Live your life according to your ideas and standards.

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When your body is averse to his advances. You might be hesitating in voicing it to him or even to yourself but if such a thought crosses your mind more than once in very less span stretch of time, then reconsider the proposal. This relationship might doom but if you are fine overall and he is unable to hurt you emotionally then nothing like it. I was able to get out of such a bad experience before he could harm me anyway and I am hopeful that you will even be able to do this.


When you are unable to draw lines. By that, I mean that you are not able to divide tasks as well as a time when you feel that certain work should have been done by him but he did not do it but you still forgive him thinking that he might have been stuck somewhere else. But with this forgiving streak, there is a small yet substantial feeling that this is wrong and it should not be this way. Listen to that feeling if it is strong and instantaneous because that is your intuition telling you something.


When he is being overly sweet. Just mind it nobody can be perfect, there are some flaws in every being. But if someone seems so perfect then please crosscheck. Your gut might be additional support in fighting odds.

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