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10 Marriage Rules That Are Bad For Your Relationship

Marriage is not about being alike,but to think together. But marriage has a lot of rituals and customaries. It is not just two people being married but the two families coming together. And when families are on tip toes then comes the real challenge. Every wedding or marriage has varied rules which directly or indirectly effect the relationship between two individuals are being in. So, what are some of these rules which we can definitely say aren’t good for relationship?


A lot of things are considered before marriage, like, Kundli, Gan, Rashi etc. But the most important among them is Gotra. Gotra specifically means the clan. Refers to the descendants of the main male line and from which common male ancestor or patriline. So, the Hindu tradition believes that two individuals having same gotra belong to the same clan, hence are brother- sisters. So any couple in relationship having same gotra cannot marry according to the Hindu religion.


The first night after marriage is called ‘Suhag Raat’ which is mostly the night when spouses get to spend time with each other and intimate to know each other better. In prior days, it was also a testing day for the bride, if they are virgin or not. So, the rule of the marriage spells that the bride is pure only if she is virgin. But things have changed which changing time. Sex and intimacy is not the treasure kept in lockers but is considered normal if you intimate with the person you love. But if the fate doesn’t work out and you marry some other male, then the marriage rule declares you impure.


Another marriage rule speaks out that the woman of the house needs to being veil all the time in front of the males of the house (in most parts of the country). But this is the poison to a healthy relationship as women might feel inferior in-spite of being well educated and independent.


Having intercourse after marriage is treated as a mandatory element and every man or woman has to have it. But there can be instances when the bride or groom is not fond of getting sexually intimate. Refusal to having sex can drastically change the relationship you have with your beloved. If guys are dominating, then even after refusal, a woman can be victimized to marital rape, which is not considered illegal. And if guys are the one who is not interested, will be labeled as impotent or trans. The relationship can be obscene because of the family pressure even though the couple might have a great understanding level.


This is an antiquated rule we can toss of storeroom since it builds up an unfortunate influence dynamic construct exclusively in light of money - and that is a wide range of tricky. It says More the money you can make, the more you can have. "This control gives somebody in the association more influence since they acquire more cash." "It makes a power differential, and the less intense accomplice regularly feel underestimated, limited, and angry."


Society has its outlook for both of the gender. Anything out of their book is considered inappropriate and an element of criticism. It says stick to your roles. Marriage is not meant to handle a rule book and stick to what it says. You can definitely go out of the box and make the most of what you want in life. This shouldn’t be a reason to fight over and destroying the relationship. Women are working these days, but as soon as they hit the parenthood, it all comes to the light. Males take a seat back, thinking growing up a kid is the duty of a woman. All these stereotypically assumptions and distribution of freedom according to role plays in a big NO.


Agree in order to keep the peace. Why this rule is even applicable. Though fighting is not the solution to anything. To maintain the peace, things should be sorted out, but that doesn’t indicate to agree to false decisions too. Couples need to sit, talk and analyze thoroughly and then come to conclusion. The authority of being a male won’t work to this space. And if it does, then my friend your relationship is going to be trapped in frustration after a point of time.


Withholding affection can be another threat. A sort of mental control and is spurred by two objectives: to keep up high ground and to rebuff the other individual. On the off chance that you and your accomplice are withholding your fondness from each other, physical or enthusiastic, it could develop into a sort of manhandle. It can be because of profound harmed the individual can verbalize, however, it's essential to attempt and discover the underlying driver.


Clinging to resentment can worsen your relationship. Absolution is imperative in a relationship, as well as in all parts of life. Individuals commit errors, and in the event that you can't release things even after they apologize and a lot of time has passed by, you will experience serious difficulties regularly being glad. On the off chance that you are in a relationship where despite everything you feel disdain towards your accomplice in light of something that occurred in the past then you will never have the capacity to move to the following stage of your relationship.


If the relationship is falling apart, only the woman is not responsible to secure the bondage of marriage. It
is about the two individuals who equally are responsible and equally need to put in the effort to save it up.''

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