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18 Things Men Are Too Scared to Ask Women

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Often men are very confused about women and tend to question their moves. But putting it out in the open is what they are scared to do. Beginning with their needs and wants to different intimate questions, men frequently don’t understand women. There are just some of the questions, they are too scared to pose. It makes them feel awkward and is afraid of the embarrassing consequences. Nowadays, everyone is honest with their questions and opinions which makes it easier for them, the fact that everyone understands the need for honesty in a relationship is surely a bonus. But at the same time, guys need to understand that some topics are definitely off-limits and cannot cross the boundaries whenever they want. These are some of the awkward questions that the guys want to ask with grimacing faces.

1. Relationship history: No guy wants to know his girlfriend’s dating history. But at the same time, they really want to know. Sometimes men base their judgment on the number of men you have dated before them. On the other hand, women aren’t too keen on sharing their relationship history.

2. Splitting money: This somewhat offends women, so it is no biggie that they are afraid to ask you about it. A relationship builds with equal efforts. So, splitting rent, bills, etcetera needs to be done. Men love independent women so it’s an add-on.

3. Bondage: Another carnal question. A lot of men are interested in bondage and asking their women about it makes them a little uncomfortable. They don’t want to come off as dominating or someone with stupid fantasies.

4. Future: Yes, a lot of men plan for their future. It shouldn’t be shocking as they are actually quite softies. They often think they might be straightforward but they really want to know about the future, about marriage and children. So, girls cut some slack off of your men.

5. Dirtiest secret: men often want to know what is the dirtiest or the wildest thing a woman has done. But again, they are too embarrassed to broach the subject.

6. To show love: Men, shy away sometimes, whilst asking their women to express love and care. Many men have actually clarified that they feel insecure sometimes and their partners reciprocating their love makes them feel safe and assured.

7. Their collection: There is one thing men are really confused about and that is their ever-continuing collection of shoes and perfumes. Men don’t understand their need to hoard on things which they might use once in a while. Being a woman, I sometimes think the same.

8. No Flirting: Men really want their girlfriends to themselves. Of course, because they behave like proper Alpha Males and they don’t like to share. This is the one thing they are afraid to ask- not to flirt with other men even the man is their best friend.

9. Gossiping: It is not that men want you to stop gossiping with your friends. It’s just that they expect you do not dish out your intimate lives to them in detail. It makes them plain comfortable. They want you to instead talk about it to them.

10. To know if their worth it: Men want to know if they are enough and fulfilling both emotionally and physically. It makes them uncomfortable to approach the area because of rejection they can face.

11. Romantic movies: They are often confused with women’s obsession with romantic movies and fairytale endings. Of course, not all women are like that but the ones which are confused men to no end. It makes men treat them with delicacy so as to not hurt them.

12. Personality: Men are afraid to ask for compliments. Internally, they want to know if their personality is suitable and you accept him o for who he is.

13. Physique: It is similar to their physique. They might not come off as insecure but they need assurance that their physique is equally charming and appealing.

14. Support: Men are afraid to ask for help. A study revealed that men are really terrified of letting women down. Because ultimately it is going to lead to rejection in some way or the other. They don’t want to disappoint women.

15. Attention: Men secretly crave attention just as much as women do. They want good listeners to pour their heart out and not to be judged for it. They want to be loved very much. It is just that their egos are fragile.

16. Freedom: As much as they want to be committed, they don’t want to burden. They need their space and air to breathe. They want to have their own separate identity without blurring the lines. So, give the man the space he deserves.

17. Originality: To keep the relationship they want things to be authentic and not faked or forced. They want to be with someone who keeps it real and not someone who is fond of manipulation or exaggeration.

Source: unsplash

18. Attraction: As much as they want to ask you about your physical relationship, men also want you to be emotionally attracted and connected to them. They don’t only crave physical attraction but an emotional and intellectual one too.

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