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13 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in a Long-Distance Relationship


Valentine’s Day is a festival of romance and love where all lovers express their love to their partners. True love is missing your partner when you are apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you are close to their heart.
Long distance never separates two hearts that really care. Long distance doesn't value if you truly like your lover, what values is your trust and honesty for that relationship to work out. Loving someone more than anything means that long distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart.
When you are far apart, doesn't mean you can't celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Valentine’s Day celebration in long distance relationships can be difficult but it is not impossible. Check out these 14 Valentine's Day ideas for couples in long distance relationships and surprise your partner.
It's the most beautiful way to express to your beloved that he is truly the most important part of your life. Despite the fact that you both are in a long distance relationship, nothing is more touching and joyous than to see a happy couple frame of you two together.
You can plan a Skype or FaceTime dinner date, go all the way with music, dim lights ambiance and candlelight. Both of you can cook your own favorite meals and sit in front of a camera to have a virtual dinner date. You can dress up in a beautiful gown and ask him to suit up. You both can do exactly the same things together such as watch the same movie, eat the same meal, open gifts for each other and have a lovely conversation with champagne or sparkling wine. It's almost as if you aren’t apart at all.
You can buy 14 individual gifts for your partner. To make it more surprising you should wrap each individual gift then wrap those small gifts in a large box.
Handwritten letters have a charm of their own. There is nothing more romantic and heartfelt than a handwritten letter for your partner. You can write him a letter and pour your heart out in it. You can send him a series of romantic or emotional letters throughout the week leading up to Valentine’s day.
It doesn’t have to be something super expensive. You can buy something you know he will love it. You can send it to his office or his house. It will brighten up his day immediately.
It can be a photo or Facebook status, Snapchat or Instagram post. Anything sweet and adorable he will love it. Let him know that you love him a lot even though you are not around.
You can send him your handkerchief with your seductive perfume on it or you can send a letter with lipstick marks on it. You can wear your partner's favorite lingerie and send him seductive photos on Snapchat as a surprise gift.
If possible for you then you can give him a surprise visit. You can coordinate with his flatmates or best friend and plan a trip to his place. You show up at his doorstep and ask his friend to record his reaction. It is going to be a memorable gift for him.
Long distance needs small things to remind each other that you both share a wonderful bond together. A little reminder or token that brings a smile on his face every day when he sees it. You make this happen you can leave something in his car or in his room. For instance, your hair-clip or handkerchief or your scarf. This will make him really happy every day.
Post little notes and leave them around the place to find. You can set up clues to get from point A to B. For instance, label the notes 'Follow this' and 'Open it', and he will have a surprise there. At last, you keep a note which should be amazing with the big surprise.
You can create anything that you are good at. For instance, sculpture, painting, greeting card, photo album, collage, scrapbook. Any gift that you have made by yourself. It shows that you have put time, thought and effort into his gift. You can create a '50 Things I Love About You'. On each page write something about him.
You can give him a bundle of letters to open at various times. Fill containers with sweet letters and small gifts to cheer up your partner. You can put label the outside of each container with guidance on when to open them such as 'when you are feeling lonely' or 'when you are missing me'.
You can take a friend's help when you have to give a surprise gift. Make sure that you buy a gift that he likes. He will be astonished when he will get a surprise from you. He will understand the emotions and effort that you have put in to make it happen.

Source: pexels
There are numbers of request based radio shows on Valentine’s day. You can request a song for him over the radio. It should be his all-time favorite song. Make sure that you are tuned in with him and you both listen to the dedicated song together.


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