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9 Things to Do In 9 Nights of Navratri

Navratri is an auspicious nine-day festival which is devoted to the Goddess Durga. For me, the festival of Navratri is an emotion in itself. The soaring notes of all sorts of music playing in the background will surely cheer you up. While your nights will definitely become much more colourful with the beautiful display of fireworks during the festival season. Finally, the best part of Navratri is that you will get to spend a lot of time with your friends and family which will bring a lot of hope, warmth, and positivity in your lives. To help you make your Navratri celebrations more special this year, given below are nine things which you should do in the nine nights of Navratri.
1.    The nine-day festival of Navratri is celebrated for Goddess Durga, who is the destroyer of Evil. This is the best time for you to remove all the negativity from your life and start adopting a positive attitude towards things.
2.     Make it a point to daily visit the temple during these special days. Also, take part in temple activities by lighting the lamps, performing the aarti, and offering flowers to the Goddess.
3.    Devote yourself to the service of the Goddess hence it is very important that you adorn the goddess with flowers, clothes, and jewelry items such as bangles.
4.    Always stay clean. If you are in the home, then make it a point to stay barefoot. Also, take bath daily and wear neat clothes.
5.    Observe fasts regularly during these nine days. Also, a point to remember is that fasting to an extent is really good for health as it helps to flush out the harmful toxins from the body.
6.    When it comes to the music, dance, and fun during Navratri. There is an unlimited number of options for you to explore. For instance, dance your night away by participating in the fun-filled Garbha and Dandiya nights with your buddies.
7.    Believe me, Navratri is the best time for shopping in the whole year. The best place for shopping during Navratri would be undoubtedly Kolkata. In particular, go for Pandal shopping with your friends will help you get in touch with the real spirit of the festival.
8.    Navratri is also the time for you to make family trips to new places of worship. Trust me, in each place the experience of Navratri is going to be unique and surprising. Therefore, make it a point to visit the most famous places of worship such as the Vaishno Devi temple to experience Navratri differently this year.
9.    Watch the Indian mythology and drama come alive in the city of Varanasi during the festival season. Do visit Varanasi to become a spectator and watch the performance of Ramlila on stage. It will surely be an experience worth to cherish.