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77 Phrases More Important Than I Love You

Hearing the words "I love you" from somebody you adore is a beautiful moment. If you are in a relationship with a person you adore and who loves you also, life will be an excellent experience. But the words "I love you" can sometimes fall short of what you truly mean.
Why do we cherish hearing "I love you" to such an extent? Perhaps it signifies the guarantee of holding a place in somebody's heart or the knowledge of the importance you hold in somebody's life. This is the expression communicated before a relationship takes its next stride, which says that one is adored for all their senseless peculiarities, as well as for their looks, for their heart, and for their identity (the perfections and imperfections, the bad and the good). Individuals flourish off the thought that they are sufficient, that they are someone’s everything.
We want to be loved. So why is love such a complex thing? Why do couples who say they love each other split apart? Why do marriages end? How do broken hearts survive? How can a person who was once your everything, become an unknown, or even an opponent? Why are love songs sometimes touching? Is it because love is eventually terrible? Or even a fleeting feeling that only a few people are lucky enough to experience in their lifetimes.
I believe in affection. I believe in its significance and in strength in relationships. But I have also discovered that affection alone isn't enough. You require more than love to make a relationship work. Love begins numerous sentiments; however, love alone won't cause a relationship to keep going forever.
There are 77 phrases that I believe are essential, and perhaps more vital than "I love you”. Phrases that I think we should all say to and hear from those we are connected to. Phrases that are essential for the declaration of love.
1.    Drive safely.
2.    You can have my quilt.
3.    You do not have to ask for this.
4.    Can you please hold my hand?
5.    You can share with me.
6.    I badly want to hear your voice right now.
7.    Let me wash your dish.
8.    How are you feeling now?
9.    Try this, it will make you feel good.
10. It’s slippery, walk carefully.
11. Reach home safely.
12. Wait, let me pay now.
13. I made dinner for you.
14. It reminded me of you.
15. You always make me comfortable.
16. Will you please come to my place?
17. I have brought your favorite meal.
18. It's a gift from me.
19. Where have you reached?
20. Be cautious.
21. Can we eat with one spoon?
22. Can I hold your bag?
23. You can take my coffee.
24. I will wake you up in the morning.
25. Don’t worry, I will do it for you.
26. Have a beautiful day.
27. Let me drop you home.
28. Good morning, my love.
29. I don't mind giving you my credit card.
30. I made this only for you.
31. I saved a seat for you.
32. I made our reservations.
33. Do you want to go out tonight for a candlelight dinner?
34. How is your health now?
35. Let me open the door for you.
36. Will you dance with me?
37. I am there for you.
38. Everything will be okay.
39. What do you want to listen to?
40. You can easily do this.
41. I will come to pick you up.
42. Don’t worry about money.
43. I have bought flowers for you.
44. Please stay with me.
45. I am still awake for you.
46. I did the laundry for you.
47. Did you eat?
48. I will see you soon
49. I will drive you crazy.
50. I want a tight hug.
51. I bought your favorite cake.
52. I made a weekend plan for us.
53. Call me if you need any help.
54. Are you okay?
55. If you are too tired to cook, I will help you.
56. I will hold an umbrella for you.
57. You can take my jacket if you are feeling cold.
58. I badly want to see you for five minutes.
59. Please be like this always.
60. I missed you when you were on that trip.
61. Come soon, I can’t wait to see you.
62. I am here only for you.
63. I will get groceries for tomorrow.
64. You can sleep on my shoulder.
65. I have prepared coffee for you.
66. Sleep well.
67. How much money do you need?
68. I am proud of you for doing this.
69. I knew that you'd achieve this.
70. I like it you when you laugh.
71. Can you please take me in your arms?
72. I can do anything for you.
73. I have blind trust in you.
74. I hope you like this.
75. I made this for you.
76. I miss you.
77. I love you.

Love is not just about saying three words. It begins by saying “I love you” to your partner. However, with time, you have to realize that you have to significantly value a larger number of things in your partner than simply cherishing them. It is not just about falling for the great looks or the qualities they have, but for tolerating their issues and disappointments as well, and standing by them when they need you the most.

Jai Khodiyar

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