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20 Hair Accessories You Should Try This Summer

After the freezing cold temperatures and spending hours under the roof saving yourself from the icy winds, it’s time for Mr. Sun to show up full face and give us some heat to eat. Hiding in the clouds till now, the ultimate showstopper is back! Don’t you want to beat the heat this summer and give yourself the killer look in the town to stop and turn some eyes? Well, here’s one way to make this summer a never forgetting experience. Of course, there will be a lot of buzz in the shopping malls to get some apparels this season but wait! I guess you are missing something that is super important that must be on your shopping list. Hair Accessories is what I am talking about. Summer heat will surely give your hair some tough time but with certain easy to pick accessories, it will help keep your hair in place, just how you want them to be. Not only that, these extras will give a look that will be all set to keep your Fashionista mode intact. Having said that, let us look at some hair accessories that you can definitely give a shot at, this summer!

1. Hair Band: Simple and yet stylish, the hair band is one of a kind, that has found its place on every girl’s list of accessories. Whether at home or at work, while shopping or on a casual outing, this hair band is ready to give your hairdo a fine touch along with keeping those sweaty foreheads away from you. Match the band with your outfit, either a plain simple one, or a dotted one, or a shiny one and you are all set to go!

2. Ribbon: Want to give your hair knots a real flair? It’s time for the Ribbons to come in. Yes, these add-ons are going to reflect some real sophisticated vibes once you put them on. Give yourself a fuss-free and yet glamorous look this summer, go get them!

3. Scrunchie: Nothing crunchy here! Just a piece of circular elastic that is covered with fabric. This is surely something that is much loved by the girls out there and surely deserves it all. This accessory sits comfortably on your hair and also keeps your hair in place. Available in all mixes of colors and patterns, pick one that suits you best this summer and rock the ponytail hair-do.

4. Hair Scarves: Are you someone who likes to set a real versatile trend out there? Here’s your pick then, the scarves keep them out yet as the summer will require them too. Keeping your hair down, fold the scarves vertically and tie it with your hair bun and you are all set to go. Don’t forget to keep the hair away from the nape.

5. Barrettes: It is summer and it’s time to take the ride up and down those hilly areas on long drives and with your hair swaying to the sides with that air, you need these to keep those flyaways in place. This will give you a chicly look ad also will keep your hair in place.

6. Sun Hat: Yes, the sun is going to set your skin on fire and the hair getting in direct contact with the sunlight can cause damage. Do not worry, here’s a solution. Pick a hat and you are all set to fight the rising temperatures. Fashionable? Of course, Have you seen those queens and actresses putting these on and making a statement? Now, it’s your time!

7. Bow: Here’s something for you little babies out there. Fill your summer fun with putting on the bows available in different shapes and patterns and make a super cute style on display. Fashion intact, Hair intact. Things are good now!

8. Hair-comb Pins: Tired of your hairdo giving up in a short while? Try this out. The comb pin is an accessory that will add style and elegance and a rich flavor to your attire in all. Keeping the hair in place and also giving you a perfect look with these pins you are all set to pull those dinner dates or family functions out in an elegant way.

9. Hair clips: Kids, here is another one for you all. You will always find them helping you out in making your days all happy by keeping those long and short hairs both intact. Your mother won’t be taking too long to put them on a hence you would not feel bored either at the time of a hairdo.

10. Pearls: No, I am not biased at all. Young girls out there and all the ladies here’s something for you. A hair clip but with pearls, put one on and you are all ready to bring some real class on the table, at the wedding or on casual outings.

11. Flower: Girls loves flowers as if God has created it only for them. Well, I have an idea. With the summer at hand, why don’t you use flowers in an interesting way? Let’s make a hair band out of them and wear it as a crown, a crown of flowers and give yourself a no less than a daisy fairy look. Mr. Sun is surely going to feel a little bad!

12. Tiara: Weddings are perfect to put them on your head. Tiara’s are available in different patterns and colors to match your attire and give you the look of a queen who is set to rule the hearts of men out there. It will help keep your hair falling on your foreheads and hence giving a clean facial display.

13. Hair Jewellery: In this summer, and events in town, let you go twining with the jewelleries that you wear on your neck and in your fingers, on your wrists, along with those being on your hair. Quite fascinating, Isn’t it? Rush into the markets and find them for yourselves.

14. Hair Rings: Ever hear of them? Yes, they exist, along with the finger rings, ask your soul mate to gift you a hair ring too. Quite an adventure for him! These rings will give your ponytails a soothing and decent look with a touch of neatness.

15. Feathers: Flowing with the wind, we find them everywhere. Take one, not from those flying but from the markets. They come in a form of a hair band. An innovative way to add up some more style and uniqueness to the summer look again keeping the basic thing intact: flying hair.

16. Hair Coils: To those who are set to take the summer on with a daring and unique look, here’s something for you. Put on the braids or the dreadlocks and design them your own way by putting these coils onto them to give a more eye-catching look.

17. Wreaths: Summer gives a chance to some fantastic beach weddings to kick in and if you are the one invited then take this as a must. Floral hair bands with multiple flowers of different or single color studded are all ready to give you a perfect beach wedding look.

18. Head Chain: Talk about elegance and you hear a shout from these hair chains. A simple fit yet keeping your hairdo in place, these chains are all ready to fit all around your hairdo, on your puffs. Family functions, engagements, shows, this is a must wear a hair accessory.

19. Natural Elements: Are you a nature lover? Yes, then here’s a thing for you. Twigs or leaves shaped hairpins are running in fashion giving you a rich and elegant look keeping your hair from moving here and there.

20. Hair sticks: Have you seen a teenager, tying her hair around a pen. This is just more formal. Take the sticks anywhere you want, in this summer and tie your hair around them whenever you get tired of the scorching heat. This will give you a cooler look and your hairdo will stand out amongst the rest. Make sure you know the proper way to wrap your hair around the stick.

So, there you go! The menu is now on the table with the best available summer cuisines to make your hairdo look more stylish and make you look more beautiful than ever. Just one thing, make sure all these accessories match your outfits or they can ruin your look!
Mr. Sun, here they come!

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