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6 Ways to Filter What You Say to Your Husband

“Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach; the right words on person’s lips bring satisfaction”. You all may have heard this proverb which holds a deep meaning; truly words can be a sword and a medicine to one. The way you speak matters the most to the person you are speaking to. Expressing something to making someone believe your words are two different things. Majorly to the person you love, your life partner, to them your words really matter, when you get angry or when you get hurt then your words may also change according to your mindset at that very time. We do need some filters in our daily life before expressing ourselves, like every day my parents remind me “think before you speak” and really it had made a huge difference in my way of speaking. No one in this world is perfect so there may come the time where you may hurt your partner by your words. Here we are up with some of the ways by which you can make your relationship towards the perfect path. Here you go with some of the points that you should keep in mind while you speak or while you express something to your partner.

1. Remember That You Say Truth
First and foremost, just remember that what you are going to say is the truth, question yourself before you express your feelings or whatever is in your mind. You must know that the faith and trust is the foundation of any relationship and if you are holding the bond of the life then you have a big meaning to it for your life. Don't let those few words spoil the special bond that you both have made with so efforts. Remember if it is not true then don't say it and pour good words so they can feel good for your existence in their life.

2. Question Yourself Is It Confidential?
Before you say something to your partner you must think for a while that is it really confidential? If someone tells you anything confidentially then it is your responsibility not to share it with anyone else because the bond that you both are sharing is different from others. Obviously, your thoughts are confined to yourself and you can share it with your partner, that is why soul mates are made and that is the real perk of having a life partner. So, discussing the things is must but you should keep in mind the tone and the way of expressing it to your spouse.

3. Make Sure That Your Words Won’t Hurt
As a spouse, you must know the likes and dislikes of your partner, keep in mind the things which your partner does not like because that can jolt the pillar of your relationship. You may go through with the ups and downs of your relationship and maybe some quarrels which are as important as saying "I love you" to each other. All you have to do is making sure that whatever you say, even if you are angry, your words won't hurt your partner because your relationship matters the most than those words.

4. Check If Your Words Have Good Intentions
This is an obvious thing that one must think before he/she speaks anything to anyone. Keep in mind that whatever you say holds good intentions. Sometimes we say something unintentionally but the second person may feel it in a wrong way, this can also conclude to the certain misunderstanding between husband and wife. Choose your words wisely so that it won’t hurt your partner and to construct the bond deeper than before.

5. Does It Help to Cheer Up Your Partner?
Life isn't perfect all the time but if you have someone with whom you can share everything then it surely becomes the one. Balancing and completing each other is the beautiful truth of every relationship so that if one may feel weak other stands by their side and helps to overcome those difficult situations in life. Try to motivate your partner and choose the words which motivate them, you should always remember that you should honor your spouse whether they are with you or not because respect is must in every relationship, cheer them up with your words.

6. Timing
Above all of the things, you must keep in mind the timing, when and where you should say all those things that you need to say. Put the transparency so that you can share each and everything with your spouse freely. Most of the times your partner expects to keep the talks personal and that should be kept personal because it will guard your tongue against speaking evil that you may say when you are angry or when you feel a bit choleric.

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