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25 Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

To every girl who is a great makeup enthusiast and to all those who are just the beginners there are some of the pro tips that you should keep in mind to make your makeup perfect. The eye makeup can change your whole look and If you are doing makeup then it is a must. There is no harm in experimenting with the shades and applying it but it can look weird. Some of the girls use eye makeup to hide the blemishes such as dark circles which can definitely help you but only when it is done in a right way. So, we are here with the list of the things that you should keep in mind when you are doing an eye makeup.
Make sure that your eyelids are clean and then apply primer to it. It will help to keep the eye makeup to stay longer and give a proper look to your eyes.
Apply eyeliner to highlight your eyelids, it will give a denser look to your eyelashes. Close your one eye while you apply to it, make use of the other eye to observe it. Make sure that your eyeliner is applied close to the eyelid so that it looks natural. You can use a slant stiff brush for giving it a proper shape.
Ensure that your liner is thin and blunt to get a perfect prĂ©cised shape above your eyes.  
Make use of liquid eyeliner to get a perfect winged shape, start on the lash line of your eye and continue it towards the outside of your eyelids and give a perfect winged lash in the corner.
If you are trying to give a smoky look to your eyes then make use of pencil eyeliner as they are softer and creamier than others and they are less smudgy. Forgetting cool smoky eyes, you can also smudge some eyeshadow using smudging brush.
Forgetting more elegant look you can make use of subtle colors like woody brown or chocolate brown colors.
You should keep in mind that whenever you are applying eyeliner tilt your face up and down lightly so that you can get symmetry for liner and liner in each eye goes perfectly.
If you want to get a simple and attractive look then you should simply apply a mascara. Mascara completely transforms the look of your eyes. Try to apply mascara from the roots of your eyelashes and to the upwards this will help you to volumize your lashes.
You can make use of Vaseline before applying mascara to your lashes, Vaseline helps to de-tangle the lashes and give them a perfect position.
Avoid the spidery-lashes by wiping your mascara wand with the tissue before applying it.
Before you apply mascara to your lashes, curl up your lashes by using a high-quality lash curler, it will enhance the look of your eyes. While you do curling, make sure that you are holding it correctly and properly.
Mascara should be the last step of your eye makeup procedure.
Eyeshadow helps to give dimensions to your eyes; your eyes look more beautiful when you add eyeshadow to it.
Use a good primer to provide a soft and creaseless layer before you apply eyeshadow to it, it will help to make the shadow to stay a little longer.
In the bottom are using dark shades and lighter shades above it, it will look fabulous and gives a beautiful look to your eyes.
Though there are many shades of eyeshadows which can highlight your eyes but if you are trying to make them smoky, then you should go for the dark colors like brown and greyish black.
Eyebrows are really important for your whole look, there are ample of brow products in the market, opt the shade that suits your brow color you can pick up lighter color as well and fill the gaps, increasing the volume of your brow hair.
Keep the look of your eyebrows as natural as possible, if you try to put a dark shade to it, it will look unoriginal.
Use a subtle shade highlighter to give a good shape, don’t put hard strokes because it can make it messy and undefined.
Use an eyebrow gel to set your brows before you apply any product to it, you can also make use of Vaseline to keep them in place.
Use an appropriate brush while you apply it to your brows, use matte brown eyeshadow to enhance the beauty of your eyes.
If you are trying to give a bold look to your eyes then remember to use subtle shades for lipstick, it goes well with it and perfect.
Highlight the inner corner of your eyes, by making use of gel eyeliner or dark shade of eyeshadow.
Blow dryer on your lash curler if you want perfectly curled and stubborn lashes, they will stay curled a little longer.
If you are trying to decrease some eye makeup then make sure you are using blotting paper to remove excess of makeup without disturbing other touch.

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