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12 Tips to Surviving Tough Times in Your Marriage

Marriage holds a vital role in anyone's life; it is one of the best feelings to be with someone to whom you love. This journey is very special for both of the partners who share such a good bond but there may come a time where you may feel disheartened or devastated because of some of the other personal reasons. You may feel alone and depressed also, but that is probably for the short time, you can fix it if you really want to because "when there is a will there is a way". In this article, there are some of the tips which you should keep in mind before you conclude anything regarding your married life and how you can survive through the tough times.

1. Your Perceptions
You have right to put your perceptions but you should check them once you think or relate to any circumstance. Your point of view may differ from your partner and this very reason can be the reason for this. But you should put your perceptions on your favor while understanding others and that is the way to survive in hard times without getting hurt.

2. See Positive Aspects
Try to catch up positive aspects of these situations, I remember my mom used to say that “You are a real gem if you know how to smile even in your hard times” and that is the true thing which is applicable when you feel low. Surround yourself with good vibes or you can set goals and inspirations (they can be related to relationship or life).

3. Stop Blaming
You should stop blaming yourself or your partner for all the things that are happening in your life. You both are responsible but sometimes situations are different and due to some misunderstandings, you may lead to this conclusion. Blaming is not a real solution to it, by blaming you may approach negativity which is not fruitful.

4. Understanding the Situation
You should probably try to understand the situations and the reason which is resulting in these feelings of yours. There may be some reasons, that’s why you are facing these circumstances. Tough time will come and go and so the situations but once you get to know the reason or if you are able to understand the situation, then half of your problem are solved.

5. How Much You Have Made
Sometimes tough time knocks on your door when you are not ready to accept it and this may make you feel weak. But you can feel good by looking back at your relationship, see how much you have made it and you both are good enough to tackle any situation together. Commit to some positive changes in your life, if your relationship needs some change then you should be the change for it. When you are willing to change yourself then you have opened a way to change your spouse as well. Never get afraid of being changed because this is what a life is all about.

6. Hold Yourself
Hold on for few time and check if you were responsible enough. Sometimes time is responsible for the tough phase of the marriage, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed rather that void can be fulfilled by your better half and you should know that no one can complete you except that one person.

7. Find What Is “Life”
Sometimes situations get worse and we stuck to it, we are not able to find a way out of it. You may feel that there is no end to it but it is really not the end. You just need to get up and support yourself and add meaning to your own life. Accept the fact that your life is with your partner and things will get better. 

8. Give Some Time
Time is not only a good healer but it is also the one which helps things to work out. Tough time heals with the ease of time that means the tough time will get vanish with time but all you need to do is, wait for the perfect time. You all may have heard this beautiful quote that “things come to you at a perfect time” and you need to wait for that absolute time. You should give space to you and your partner to make things happen. 

9. Surround Yourself with Good Vibes
When everything seems wrong to select a good song which makes you feel happy. In this life, it is really important to surround yourself with good vibes and hard times demand it the most. Just make yourself feel better by doing the things that make you happy, here you have to be a bit selfish because that is the only solution to cut off from the hard situations of life. There are ample of problems in life but there is nothing bad if you smile while facing them, let your happiness stay alive. Don’t let hard times change smiley curves of your lips.

10. Try to Burn Distance
Distance can be the reason for affecting your relationship in a bad way, so you should burn the distance which is making an interruption in your bond. Try to fix and put efforts which can make the situation better. 

11. Commitment
You should always remember that the most important and vital element of love is commitment; successful relationships are made when you have faith in each other. So, have faith in yourself, on your partner and time because time is the great medicine.

12. Let Them Be with You
Sometimes we need someone to share and when hard time comes to us they are essential so, if you have any friend and if your partner is putting efforts to be with you then let them be with you.

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