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11 Ways to Hide Pimples with Makeup

Girls look beautiful naturally but some of them go with makeup to feel more confident and look more beautiful. Makeup is itself an art which, when done perfectly it flaunts your features adorably. Some of the girls choose makeup to hide blemishes and dark spots and makeup help them authentically. It looks so weird when it goes wrong and because of that, you may not look as pretty as you are. Acne and pimples act as a barrier when you want to look perfect and they appear unexpectedly. Well, thanks to makeup which helps to hide the scars and pimples naturally and enhances our looks. There are several ways by which you can hide our pimples and that too beautifully.

1. Use Concealer
Concealer is best to hide the blemishes and dark spots as well. Choose a good concealer and blend it in all over your face, doing this will make pimple less noticeable and that will be surely beneficial for you. Blend the concealer properly to prepare a proper layer for further makeup process. Try to use concealer brush rather than using your fingers, do not apply concealer on your pimple but try to blend it with the skin near pimple area which will look natural and less enhanced.

2. Apply Primer
Applying primer can give you a smooth layer which will definitely help to hide the blemishes, dark spots and pimples as well. It makes sure to give you a soft and natural touch by hiding your bumpy skin. Primer not only helps to hide them but repairs the broken-out skin which helps to enhance your overall look. If you try to apply the primer by using your fingers, then it is a bad idea to form a fine layer. Use a soft primer brush which will look good and will help to blend it properly with your skin.

3. Base Foundation
The foundation, as its name already represents why it is called so. It provides the base and helps to hide wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and acne. Use a lightweight foundation which will give a natural skin look and will make pimples less noticeable. Use a soft sponge to blend foundation on your skin and just remember to choose the foundation shade according to your skin tone. Some of the heavy foundations can make your overall look weird and will highlight your face in an improper way.

4. Face Powder
Lightly dust your face off and give some strokes of brush near your pimples that will work to tone the touch. You can make use of large brush to dust off your face, try to pick up the face powder according to the skin tone or the foundation you have choose. Face powder is just another way to hide your pimple and it will less highlight them.

5. Blush Can Help
Pimples appear nearly in cheekbone areas or under the cheek apples. Blush can be an ultimate solution for this, you can make use of light shade blush first to hide the pimples and make sure that you are using a lightweight brush. Don’t use shimmer blush, which can highlight your acne and pimples. Blush will beautifully hide the pimples and finishes your features, you will look beautiful and that too holding a natural look.

6. Bb Cream
You can make use of BB cream to hide your pimples, some of the products include foundation in BB cream that will help too. Try not smudge too much of it near the pimple prone area because it will highlight and will be noticeable. Using your fingers blend the cream in the pimple and give a touch up using compact powder.

7. Powder Foundation
Powder foundations helps to set the makeup to make it long lasting, but It can also help you to hide your pimples. There are number of foundations available in market like the roll-on foundation and stick foundations but this one is just magical. Apply it properly within the area and it will look naturally soft.

8. Setting Powder
This will help you to correct the overall makeup and will not clog your pores. Pimples will naturally vanish if you give a layer of setting powder. This is less heavy so it will make you feel comfortable and is less likely to cause further breakouts.

9. Compact
The compact can help you a lot more to hide your pimples, it provides a blurry and soft look to your skin, which will help to hide the primer and foundation, if their layer gives a bumpy look to whole skin.

10. Blending Properly
Blending is really important, if it is not proper your makeup will not look well. If you are hiding your pimple then you should not forget about the whole makeup that you are doing, put it as an aim but focus that you are doing makeup, which should not look unreal. Use specified brushes and sponges to blend them properly to your skin.

11. Toner and Moisturizer
Toning and moisturizing process is really important to make your skin glow and will help to lighten the bumpy look of pimples, it will help to form a perfect layer for further makeup and touch up.

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