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11 Priceless Gifts for Your Husband That Don’t Cost a Dime

You may get dumbstruck if you think to give some gift to someone. Gifting is really hard and, in this matter, either we should know what they want or the thing they already have. Deciding to give and thinking that if it is a good thing to gift or wandering that will they like it is another dilemma. There may be too many questions in your mind like is it precious? Or what could be more precious? Rethink and conclude what is more important, if you go with greeting cards and other gifts then probably you are putting all the boring stuff that others are preparing to give. Nothing is more important than time, it is better to give your time to someone. Most importantly check out to whom you are gifting and importance of that person in your life. Here are some of the gifts that you can give to your special ones and that too in your budget.

1. A Long Walk
A long walk can be worthy if you can make it with the person to whom you want to gift. A walk can do more than other gifts; you can make more moments with that special person and will surely be able to make them happy. You can go for a long drive as well but walking has its own importance. Like walking with your loved ones on empty road is just bliss.

2. Housekeeping
This can be gold to women, who do household works; it is really good if you are able to help your mother in household stuff. It would be more special if you are able to do that on her birthday or on Mother’s Day.  You can certify your mom for doing such a great job by being at home or you can offer her the appreciation letter and she will love that.

3. Preparing Food
Prepare food if you are able to, it will cost you nothing as kitchen is all yours and you can do experiment to make something special to your family members. If you are a good baker then it is really a perk for you, you can put your efforts to bake a cake with love. If you offer to do it yourself then it will cost you next to nothing.

4. Special Bubble Baths
You can gift an invitation and prepare for a special bubble bath for your mom or your sister. I remember when I was in the eighth standard, I have a card to my sister for inviting her to bubble bath and she loved it. I kept in mind the music and her favorite playlist and the special lighting.

5. Pen And Paper
Pen and paper can do a lot more than any other things; the best part is, it is always affordable and expressive. You can write your feelings and can add some of the memorable moments spend with that person. Whether it is Father’s Day or someone's birthday, a passage of love can help to make them feel special. When you give any other things like perfume or any other things, they may or may not remember things that you have gifted there are chances that they may forget but you can imprint lifetime memory for them if you write what you feel rather than giving happiness in materialistic things.

6. Learn Favorite Passage
You can also learn the favorite passage or lines for that person, like expressing your feelings like a movie dialogue or learning the dialogue from a favorite movie of that person. Isn’t it sounds so romantic? It will cost you nothing but do keep in mind the timing and place when and where to speak this can make a huge difference. You can also add up this plan as an anniversary gift, you can write this passage on a gift card and give it to your husband, he will surely love it.

7. Car Wash
I will prefer this one as a special gift to my father, like if you have forgotten to buy a gift for your father on Father’s Day then all you can do is get up early and surprise him by offering him a shining car. Do remember to put a gift card inside a car, he will be mesmerized by your efforts of making him happy.

8. Personalized Audio Track
You can gift an audio track, I remember Austin send me the audio clip at 12 on my birthday and that was really very special to me and I listened to it more than 10 times. You can also prefer video clips there are numerous of apps which allow adding pictures to make a video and other video editing options. This will cost you nothing but you need to invest some time in it.

9. A Handmade Card
You can prefer a handmade card rather than buying it readymade. You will be able to add more stuff and express your thoughts and emotions more beautifully and that too according to you.

10. A Book You Have Read
You can gift your favorite novel or an autobiography that you have read. This is the best options for those who are book lover no matter if it is fiction or non-fiction they will love to read it. You need not get tensed about their taste towards novels, this is affordable and knowledgeable and that is what really matters.

11. A Handmade Book
You can gift this to your elders who are about to turn 50 or those who are nearly catching up 40 years of togetherness. I remember that I made a book which was related to the “forty things I learned from you” for my mom when she turned forty and that is really a special gift for her till now.

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