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99 Best Summer Bucket List Ideas

We all have some plans regarding our vacations whether it is summer or winter vacations. While lifetime bucket is a good idea which helps you to figure out about the things you have done in your life and things you want to do. For this upcoming summer days to be spent in a good way you should have a bucket list prepared to trust me this handy list will give you a ton of fun and greatest summer of our life.

Playgrounds are the better place for adults also, Swing sets and the sliders are always better for the kid in us. You can enjoy those swings or can enjoy the sunset with someone special.
Spend your summer mornings by planning for a picnic. Grab some peanut-butter and sandwiches, pick the picnic basket and the blanket, enjoy the time with your loved ones.
Parks are the favorite spots for the short informal get-together. Whether you are in a big town or a small city, there are maximum chances that you will have a free park nearby. You can enjoy your evening time there.
If you do not want to waste your time or are too lazy to plan for a picnic then you can put the camp in your own backyard. You can invite your friends too; it is a fun way to experience the night time by sleeping out. It is affordable as you need not pay anything for it.
You can go for any cultural events which are going to take place in your town or city. Enjoy it with your friends and family, make the summer nights more worthy.
There are ample of cities with outdoor theatre, watch out Shakespeare in the park or a summer musical.
You can go for the summer concerts from rock to jazz shows. Check out the list of the events in your city, go for the best one.
There are some museums which are free of cost or with some discounts on special days. Check out those special days and timings and spend the summer day in air-conditioned comfort.
You can be the member of the social community. Join a social community for free and can go to the events.
Hometown is the best place to spend your summer vacations, you do not only get the chance to meet your grandparents but also a chance to explore new places there. If you are really bored with the area where you live, then your hometown can be a tourist spot for you.
Online shopping is one of the bests ideas if you are lazy, to go out and grab something to wear this summer. Check out the online websites which will surely make you satisfied with their services.
If you are bored with your place then put some efforts and plan for your summer vacations. Try being a tourist in another town, enjoy the sights and other views.
Feel blessed by being a volunteer with residents, check out if your area has an old age home. Connect with them, connect with families and kids.
You can meet up your long distance friends, plan up for a day out with them. You can opt for a long drive with them or can go to a coffee shop.
If you love books, then you can go to the public library, there are ample of online websites and application which are full of books you can go through it.
Focus on your talent and other skills, give it a finishing touch by joining an organization. It may be a music training center or guitar classes, painting or knitting.
You can give a start to your summer mornings by writing down your thoughts on pages or diary. Write down whatever thoughts come into your mind before starting your day. It is a great way to express emotions, explore ideas.
Morning walks are the best day starter, go with the best company and make your day startup more beautiful. Morning walks not only help you to breath fresh air but will also help you to fresh up your mind and mood.
Check out if you have any health events like marathon and distance race. Contribute your steps in it, be healthy and enjoy summer.
Do try pushups and crunches for physical fitness, it does not even require any outdoor area. They can be performed at home, so this summer is healthy.
Do not forget to drink plenty of water. During summer our body needs much water to get hydrated. Drink 2-3 liters of water per day.
Sell your old things, you can sell your old stuff and make money. There are a number of websites which connects you directly with the buyers.
Make a queue of the novels or the books to be read complete your days by reading those books comfortably at home.
Spending some moments with your family is one of the best things you can do for your parents. Make them feel special this summer, plan for a special dinner for them.
You can share some moments with your dear friends or if you have someone special with whom you share everything then tell about your whole day schedule.
Try to do some of the kitchen experiments with your mom. Plan something special under her guidance, you can make her special dish as well.
Stories are the best way to pass our day and they are more fabulous when we listen to them from our grandparents. So, you can go for that.
You can watch out a family movie “Harry Potter” series are worth watching with your family.
Plan for a special family night, add some unforgettable moments this summer. You can add some fun games and can spend some time together.
You can have a family slumber party. Just go and grab your sleeping bags and be in your living room with jammies.
Celebrate “yes day’ with full zest, it is the day when you say yes to every request you make for one full day.
Swimming is the best way to spend hot summer mornings or the day.
You can go to the rinks and skate in the freezing water.
Take a sound sleep on Hammock, that is the best thing you can do in summer beneath the shade of the tree.
You can enjoy the live music or small concerts in the bar as well.
You can make your nights more beautiful, just sit outside or in your backyard and watch the fireflies.
You can plan for a beach born fire this summer, with your family and friends.
For more fun, you can make a water balloon fight.
De tan yourself by just lying on the bed and sleeping more and more.
You can make your breakfast, your brunch. Vacations are like this only get some tired and lay on the bed till noon.
You can go to the beach and see the sunset, do not forget to make sand castles.
Cut off your hairstyle, like if you are uncomfortable with your long hair. Try out some change in your looks as well.
Dress cotton clothes to be comfortable this summer. Wear cool colors rather than bright during the daytime.
Fruits and fruit juice are some of the better ways to keep yourself hydrated this summer.
long drives are the best in the evening and even better if you have a great company with you, try this out for auspicious moments.
Feel comfortable while wearing a shorts, they help to deal with the hotness of the summer.
Do not forget to put some skin tan lotion before you go out. Make sure that the lotion is of higher SPF, so that UV rays does not harm your skin.
Plan for a DJ night with your friends and forget about the summers. Let your body loose in the dance moves.
Whitewater rafting is the best option for this summer. It will help to make your day cooler and comfortable.
Plan for a water park and water rides.
This summer you can plant a tree; it would be an appreciable effort of ours towards the environment.
Make people aware about the global warming and pollution and give your economic and social contribution in saving the earth.
You can also learn to ride four wheeler or two wheeler if you do not know how to.
You can go for boating with your dear ones.
Take a nap in the shady spot outside your home or try it in your backyard.
Feed the birds by some millet and corn, spread it on your terrace and click a picture.
Frisbee is the best time pass that you can do alone or with anyone else.
If you are near beach you can enjoy barefoot walk on sand.
Collect the shells from the beach, it can result in a beautiful collection and a good time pass as well.
You can enjoy summer morning by laying on the cold grass or by walking barefoot on the grass.
You can make big bubbles, they are so lovely. You can hold a contest- who will blow the biggest one?
Lemonade is one of the easiest things to handle in the kitchen, have it and get hydrated.
Roller skate is itself a great workout, you will feel the cold breeze while you go down to the streets.
Try out kickball it is quite easy to master it. Set up the bases in the yard.
Pull out weeds to make your garden and backyard a beautiful place, it will look much tidy.
You can sit on the rooftop and gaze at the stars, figure out the constellations.
Well, you can make your room tidy as well. Go for the cleanup of your room while listening to the loud music.
If you love baking then try out some experiments in the kitchen to make some good stuff, you can serve it to your mom as a surprise.
Have a water gun fight with your siblings or kids.
Watch the sunrise, it is the best day starter.
You can fly a kite as well, make a contest by a kite fight.
Donate your old stuff, you can do some charity acts on your own.
You can go fishing with your family,
Visit a lake is one of the better options to spend some time with your loved ones in peace.
If you are good at writing, you can write your own fiction.
Have a pillow fight with your siblings, trust me it is one of the best ways to release stress.
Barbecue with your friends is the best idea, and that too in your backyard is easy and affordable.
Have a special summer photo shoot with our friends.
You can run through the sprinklers, enjoy the each and every drop of it.
Give a treat to yourself by making Root beer floats which are mouthwatering add a scoop of vanilla in it.
Do not forget your visit to the ice cream parlor enjoys each flavor.
You can go to the county fair for a Ferris wheel ride. Enjoy the air when you move high.
Choose some soothing songs with you, listen to them while watching the sunset.
Go on a road trip, hit the open road ride with loud music.
Try out Slip-N-Slide, get a long thin sheet for it, you can place it in your garden or backyard, slide in the wet surface and enjoy.
Learn to surf, this is somewhat challenging but you will probably enjoy it.
The waterfall is the best thing to view and standing under it is the best sensation ever. It can be more fun in summers.
You can also go for skydiving, it is adventurous and thrilling, but you will have a great experience with your friends.
Let floating lanterns go high in the sky. Lit one lantern make a wish and enjoy the summer nights.
Be more active by adding exercise into your daily routine.
Make “Thank You” letters for your special people and make them feel special.
You can go out for the shopping with your bestie.
Go for the tubing it would be more fun.
Check out about any festival like a music festival, they are not too expensive they are worth enjoying.
If you are a student you should do your assignments and that too in a fun way with your friends.
You can write a letter for your future self, concentrate on what you want to be.
You can grow your own food that grows some veggies in your garden or makes your rooftop available for that.
Never forget to eat snow cones in the summers.

Try out sunrise yoga classes which will be much beneficial for your body fitness.

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