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7 Crush Hacks Every Girl Should Know

In our life, we come up with many people. We also get attracted by some and some are attracted to us. Ever questioned you what attracts us about them? Well, we are attracted by their behaviour and their nature. We get fantasized by these things, it may be possible that we make a good bond after understanding them. Isn’t it sounds really good that your crush feels for you as well but, even if you are the most confident person you may start fumbling in front of them.  You will notice that everything goes well until your crush appears and you become completely dumbstruck. You should be aware of some of these situations so that you do not feel completely unwell.
Girls try their hard to look their best so that they can attract them but they should keep in mind that what you speak matters the most. You may counter with speechlessness; you just need to act normally. There comes a situation where you may feel awkward in front of your crush. Just relax and take a deep breath, there are some of the hacks which you should keep in mind when you are around your crush.

1. Smile
Girls look more beautiful when they smile. You should always smile in every situation of life being upset is not a solution. Moreover, you will yourself positive and people around you will be able to feel that goodness within you, by which you can attract anyone. Have faith on your smile and just smile. Well, girls look prettier after wearing makeup but that may be the reason of their turn off, you should be natural.

2. Be Humble
We all know that gratitude is the best attitude, you should avoid false pride. Just do not attempt to look smarter or cooler, your humbleness will matter. “Being humble” touch ups your nature and showcases your good attitude, which attracts everyone. That not only shows your attitude but also shows your family background. Your kindness to others will be the reason everybody will love to talk to you.

3. Talking About Something in Common
Talk about something that you have in common it can be your favourite movie or favourite song or it can be any novel. You can talk about   work, when you are together. Listen to them and about their interest. Hold a meaningful conversation that will surely make them attracted towards you and you will get ample of time to understand their nature. Be a good listener which will make them feel comfortable around you. You can also share your experience with them, ask them for them. Do not let the conversation going on the way of boredom.  It is a perk if you carry a good sense of humour.

It is the best way to attract someone. You should be yourself first, whenever they are around you. Do not pretend to be something else that you are not. Show them your quirks and your flaws. Remember that you should be accepted by someone for who you are. It is not really important that everyone will like you for being you, it is okay if they do not.  Keep in mind that you should not change yourself for someone, give yourself the first priority.

5. Be Passionate
Talk about what makes you passionate, it will work. Go with the mainstream which makes you happy, talk about that. Your being passionate can make you which will make you different from others.  Express your ideas and thoughts to them, share your perceptions.  Make sure that if your talks matter to them, then they are a bit into you and you are impressive. This is noticed that the guys are attracted o the women who are ambitious and passionate so if you are the one with the aim, you will be benefited for it.

6. Ask Questions
Not about the Einstein’s theory of relativity or Newton’s gravity but just to learn about that person. Hold a good conversation that will show that how much they are into you. You will get to know about that person’s behaviour and nature. It is important to be sure that the person whom you like is that much worthy or not. Sometimes we only get attracted with someone by their looks and ignore what they really are. Such confusions must be cleared before you start feeling hard for someone.

7. Get Dressed to Impress
First impression is the last impression, we all know that. Dressing helps to present yourself that what type of person are you. Girls do have a vast knowledge of dressing; their colour combinations are much good. So, girls if you want to impress someone, be ready to dress yourself pleasantly. Show them your dressing sense and do remember not to dress that heavy and put too much make up. Show them your flawless beauty and let them be dumbstruck by glancing at you.

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