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45 Questions to Ask To See If You Are Compatible Couple

The heart to heart connection is required to hold the bond of any relationship. Love is not aware of religion, complexion or distance. The two souls who are ready to change themselves for each other and accept each other’s quirks and flaws are meant to be together for a lifetime. A relationship can be boring if you both have same traits. The likes and dislikes of your partner should matter you when you both of you have the same taste in music, food and other activities you will feel bored and may begin to find for excitement in other things.
You should know everything related to your partner. So, you should ask them if you think like you should know more then you actually know them till now. Being introvert is not an option here, you “both” are in the relationship and share the same bond so, it is your right to ask and discuss each other’s perception views, dig out the feelings and inner thoughts. Which can be possibly exciting, you will come to know about many of your partner’s secrets. These questions will not only create a transparency but will also make your bond much stronger you will conclude if your relationship is worthy or not. The direct discussion will clear out many of your dilemmas related to each other and you can go for a compatibility test, who understand each other more will be more exciting.

1. What do you consider as the most important thing in a relationship to be successful?
2. Would you endanger your happiness for our relationship?
3. What is cheating for you in a relationship?
4. What is that one thing you would like to change in me?
5. Do you still have any soft corner for any of your exes?
6. Would you be able to say sorry even if it is not your fault?
7. Do you believe in sharing the expenses?
8. How much financial matters must be shared between us?
9. When was the last time you were angry with me?
10. If I ever cheated on you, would you be able to forgive me?
11. What would you choose, a romantic and cute gift or something you can make use?
12. Is there any song you want to dedicate me or us?
13. If you have been physically intimate in the past with anyone?
14. Would you like to change any of the decision I take?
15. If you do not have a good day, would you like to be alone or would like to spend some time with someone?
16. What is your favorite memory of us or any special moment of us?
17. What do you think is the best thing for a relationship to be a “happy relationship”?
18. What is your favorite dish or dessert?
19. What would you prefer something homemade or McDonald’s?
20. What makes you feel most loved?
21. Is it important to celebrate Valentine’s day?
22. Would you lie to me just to make me happy?
23. What attracts you the most in a man/woman?
24. What is more important in a relationship intimacy or spending time together?
25. If I spend more time at work or with my friend then would you feel insecure?
26. How much time should I call you in a day?
27. What is important for you among these two, beauty or nature?
28. How many times have I disappointed you?
29. Would you like my choices over yours?
30. What are those annoying things that other couples do?
31. Is it important to show our love for each other socially?
32. Would you ask me for any of the passwords of any social media site?
33. Do you think sharing everything is important in a relationship?
34. What is your favorite holiday destination?
35. Are you a morning person?
36. Which is your favorite book/novel/autobiography?
37. Are you a daydreamer or a night thinker?
38. Would you mind if I have male/female best friends?
39. Do you remember my birthdate?
40. What is your taste in music classical or rock?
41. List the things you like about me?
42. What is my favorite movie?
43. What are your biggest fears in a relationship?
44. What is the meaning of intimacy for you?
45. List the things you cannot live without?

As you can see there are some questions which are too important to be asked to your partner whereas some of them are really light but they too mean a lot. We all know that “words are powerful and so as the knowledge”. Talking to the person you love can give you never-ending happiness. It is always good to know each other well which will result in making your bond much stronger and you will be able to trust each other more. These questions are kind of fun, to involve each other, to understand your relation much clearly. It will broaden your knowledge for your partner and spend your further life happily, sipping the coffee of love.

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