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40 Things All Brides Should Do The Week Of Their Wedding

1. Check Out Your To-Do-List
Take care of the big tasks that you need to complete before your wedding. You can feel stressed out because of it, think about it a before you start any preparation for your wedding. Make sure that you do not have any to-do-list floating inside your head.

2. Test To The Dress
Do check out your whole dress, if it is comfortable for you or not. You will need to pick up your dress a week before, try to check out your dress with all the other accessories. Go for a change if you find anything wrong. Practice to walk in it and make sure that you feel and look comfortable in it.

3. Your Footwear
You must be wearing a brand new pair so, you may feel uncomfortable in starting. Try to walk in those pair for a short period of time. Walk around on a few different surfaces, you can try some dance moves as well.

4. Check Your Marriage License
Well, it should be legal, so make sure that your marriage license is in order and keep in mind that it is signed correctly. Keep a track order it so that it does not get lost in the other wedding arrangements.

5. Preparing Payments
Check all your payment list that you need to pay to the vendors. It is really important to pay money in the given deadline so that you won’t get disturbed while doing other major preparation.

6. Ring
You should move to get an engagement ring, which is the most important and you should not forget about it. Select your favorite one and make your wedding day more sparkly.

7. Meet Up Your Planner
If you are up with the wedding planner or day-coordinator, then meet them for wedding day arrangements. Have a meeting to go through their ideas and other arrangements and you can manipulate them, giving your ideas.

8. Guests And Invitations
You should check out the invitations if they are properly distributed to the guests and relatives. Check out the list of gusts and give the final headcount to your caterer or to the venue for food and seating arrangements.

9. Seating Arrangements
Finalize the seating arrangements for guests and yours too. Check the entry and exit point. make sure to send the copy of those arrangements to your wedding planner and photographer.

10. Your Thoughts For Decoration
If you have some idea regarding your choice, then you can share that with your wedding planner. Check if your spouse-to-be have some wishes or anything favorite on cuisine, you can make the wedding day special for him.

11. Confirm Vendors
Make sure that all of your wedding day arrangements are done properly. Give a quick call to your vendors. Be sure with their arrival times. Confirm their schedule a week before included with your hair and makeup team.

12. Checkout Venue
Check the venue place if it is actually available on that day to lower down the further risk. Do check out the venue area and other details about the venue.

13. Replies To Important Emails
Make sure to reply all your emails, if your inbox is crowded with emails of vendors and other guests. Go through the emails and reply to them as soon as possible. Before starting your wedding week preparation do some important things.

14. In Touch With Your In-Laws
Be in touch with our mother-in-law and father-in-law, check if they require anything or have any last minute questions before your wedding day. Make them feel comfortable before heading up to their family.

15. Bridal Party
Pack some beautiful gifts for your bridesmaids show your love to them. Make sure to specify a thank you note to them for making your day more special.

16. List Of Songs
Make sure that the list of songs is prepared for that beautiful day. Get your favorite songs and check those other music arrangements are done or not.

17. Emergency Kit
Put an emergency kit with you for a backup, go to the DIY. You can include painkiller, other makeup touch-ups, hairspray and other things. Do check if you are ready with a backup.

18. Your Bridesmaids
Your bridesmaids make your day more beautiful, check out what they are wearing. Practice your entrance walk with them at the venue.

19. Practice Your Vows
Practice your vows to be taken a little loud so that you will not fumble while doing it on your wedding day.

20. Pampering Your Body
Pamper your body with manicure and pedicure, get your nails to be shaped and colored well. You can go for a hair spa as well.

21. Pack Your Wedding Day Bag
Remember to get all the things that you will require on your wedding day. Put a pair of heels and a dress just like your wedding day, in short, be ready with the backup if in case something happens.

22. Get Plenty Of Sleep
The more rest you get, the better it is for you. In that busy schedule try to be in your bed in time. Once, your wedding week start it will be difficult for you to get sound sleep.

23. Some More Water
Keep a water bottle close to you, chug some water whenever possible. Wedding plans an make you feel low, hydrate yourself time to time.

24. Weather Forecast
Try to check out the weather forecast, if it is an outdoor wedding it may create a problem but you should be ready with your contingency plan for this.

25. More Time With Your Spouse
Try to spend some more time with your spouse. Get to know each other some more.  Spend some time even if it is just for a coffee, go out with them.

26. Shopping With Him
You both can go shopping together, you will get to know about each other’s choices and will be able to spend some more time with them.

27. Small Exercise And Relax
Take a walk, even if you are busy get some time for your body. Mild exercise and walk will relax your body. Get a massage and go for a movie that will relax you.

28. Reserve Your Parlour Time
Make sure that your makeup team is up and your time is reserved for that day. Let them know about your timings and the type of makeup you want on your face.

29. Dinner Table
Check out what the things are on the table and the seating arrangements regarding it. Make sure that dinner table looks less messed up and clean.

30. Cuisines To Be Served
Do check the food which is to be served to the guests. Make sure that other arrangements such as starter and refreshments are done before.

31. Your Honeymoon Destination
If you are planning for your honeymoon then just check out the destination and then add up your belongings to your suitcase for that, a week before you should be prepared for that.

32. Gifts
Make sure that the gifts are ready for the dear ones and check out that you have someone who will take care of your gifts. Choose a family member to collect gift cards, you may be too busy for these things to take care.

33. Decorations
Check out the decorations which are being done, the flowers and the lighting arrangements should be kept in mind. Do contact the flower vendor before so that those flowers are available on that day.

34. Check Out Place Cards
If you know exactly about the guests who are going to come, be prepared with the place cards so they won’t find any problem regarding seating arrangements.

35. Enjoy The Time With Family And Friends
Well, you should take care that you are getting enough time for your family. As it will be your last week with them make some more moments with them. You can go for a special dinner with them.

36. Stop Heavy Workouts
You should stop heavy workouts before that week. You may get exhausted while your wedding preparation. You may not be able to sleep properly and you may look tired. There is a risk of getting injuries as well.

37. Plan For Cocktail
You can plan for a cocktail party before your wedding. Chill out with your friends make some time for them. Share some more moments before you get into your in-law’s home.

Do check if your photographer is available on that day, you can give that team a prior information about your schedules for the days and dates.

39. A Pre Wedding Photoshoot
Well, pre-wedding shoots are in tradition right now, you can go for it. It will be better if you do it comfortably before a week or before heading up to the other arrangements.

40. No To Face Treatments

Say no to face treatments before your wedding week, it may be a big risk. It may cause skin irritation and other harm which will not be healthy for your wedding day.

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