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33 Shocking Secrets Husband Don’t Want Wife to Know

Opening up with each other is the first and foremost in any relationship. The understanding is other, you should be aware of the things that your partner does and expects from you when you share that special bond. You should know what is going on your partner’s mind and what he thinks of you. Check out if you ask your partner about something and he skips answering what you asked then definitely he is thinking something else at that time. No matter how hard you try to understand his deepest feelings but there must be some of the secrets that he won’t reveal it to you. If you are guessing something, then you must be right but here are some of the things that must be going on his mind let us check them out.

1. What He Is Actually Looking At
When you will ask him about the thing he is staring at, he will reply to you by saying “nothing”. Well in a room where women are present he would like to stare at them only, they will never show you but they really do.

2. That Your Best Friend Is Beautiful
This can make you a bit insecure about your boyfriend but if your best friend is as hot as you are then he must be appreciating her inside and what is going on in his head is out of your imagination.

3. He Doesn’t Want To Hear About Your Boy Bff
No matter how much you tell about your friends they will listen to it calmly, but they really don’t want to hear anything related to your male best friend.

4. He Gets Anxious
 He may not always express about being anxious to you but he really cares about everything you do.

5. He Doesn’t Remembers The Special Dates
This is the one thing he will never dare to say in front of you, every girl expects his boyfriend to remember special days. So, he will not speak in front of you about those special days.

6. He Wants To Be Complemented
Not every time he will take initiatives to look at you and say “you look gorgeous”, but he also expects the same about his looks.

7. What He Is Actually Thinking At That Very Time
He will never reveal about his imagination that is taking place in his mind it may be related to you or some other girl.

8. Don’t Discuss About The Bad Moments
It should be in your mind also that the things you are speaking about don’t hurt the person standing in front of you.

9. That He Is Insecure
You must have also noticed that how he gets insecure about you when some other tries to get close to you. He will never express it to you but you can sense it.

10. He Is Desperate
Every guy is desperate when it comes to intimacy or any other physical approach. They won’t tell you about this but they need some regular kisses (just some sarcasm).

11. He Wants To Be Alone Sometimes
This can annoy you, but he likes some time to be alone and you should let him because that space is really important forever relationship.

12.  That They Like Some Quiet Time
Some time you must have also liked this way of being quiet and should have really enjoyed it.

13. They Don’t Want To Listen About Your Shopping List
This can make them really bore, if you are trying to tell them about your shopping plans and your bucket list then it can make them sleepy.

14. That They Are Much Furious Than You When They
See Lizard
This is the one thing they won’t tell you but they may get frightened because of these small things.

15. That It Hurts When You Don’t Appreciate Their Efforts
While they make so many efforts they also want appreciation to form you. You should admire their efforts to make you smile.

16. That They Are Imagining You In A Sexy Outfit
This can be embarrassing for them to reveal but they must be imagining you in the sexy outfit.

17. That He Is Addicted To Something Apart From You
It is one of the things you should take care of, he must be hiding it from you or keeping it a secret but you should be aware of the things he is addicted to.

18. He Wants His Best Friend’s Presence Rather Than Yours
Friends always provide you the comfort zone which your better half may not provide it to you. They will hesitate to tell you but they really love their friend’s presence.

19. He Is Thinking About Food
He thinks of you but he also thinks about food more than you, so talk to them when they are not hungry.

20. That The Wants Attention
They will not approach you directly but they will do some activities just to seek attention from you.

21. That He Won't Care
Every guy wants his girlfriend to take care of him, they won’t show you that they need it but your nature always fulfills it.

22. That He Is Hurt Too
If an argument or any other discussion takes place, then it is not really mandatory that you can only get hurt just because you are a girl, they too get hurt but they don’t express it.

23. He Is Feeling Sleepy While Speaking To You
It can make you angry if he tried to tell you that sometimes he really feels sleepy while he talks to you.

24. He Wants Surprise
It can be a thing which he won’t tell you just because it sounds like a girlish talk but he also loves cute surprises.

25. That He Don’t Want To Pay For You
No one love to share their money, even I hate to spend money. So, it can be possible that they don’t want to pay for you.

26. That He Hates When He Wants
Though he loves to be with you but waiting can annoy him and this is the thing he won’t tell you because you are worth waiting for.

27. He Wants A Kiss
It can be a morning or the goodbye kiss he expects a kiss from you.

Like girls, boys also go through with mood swings, well it is up to the situation they are going through. They won’t open up this to you but you should understand.

It is not important to feel same vibes from different people so; he may not be comfortable with your friends but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like them.

30. No Need To Tell Everything To Your Bff
Your relationship should matter to you two, who share that bond guys don’t want their relationship to be showcased in front of anyone.

In any of the misunderstandings or argument takes place then you should also take initiative to apologies. They expect you to say sorry first and there is nothing wrong with it.

32. You To Know About His Exes
They may not tell or discuss it with you freely but they don’t like if you start any talk related to his past.

33. That You Are Dominating

They will keep it from you but you should know about your dominating nature. Always remember that you both are in that relationship and you should balance and complete each other.

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