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30 Makeup Products Every Beauty-Obsessed Girl Should Use

There are certain things for which girls are possessive; they love to wear new outfits and trendy accessories, they need to look perfect. Though some of them love being simple that symbolizes the beauty of their simplicity but a majority of them goes with makeup, makeup helps to flaunt your features more. As girls are really conscious about their looks, they opt for makeup, well why not? they look beautiful when they wear it. The most astounding thing about makeup is that it is available for every skin tone and gives a perfect touch to your tone.
Here are some of the beauty products that you will find with every girl who is makeup obsessed.

1. Primer
Primer helps to make the smooth base for foundation. If you apply primer then you are making your makeup last longer. It acts as a base for your make up and maintains your touch up throughout the day.

2. Concealer
Concealer helps to cover the dark spots and blemishes; it regulates the tone of your dark circles and tones your skin. There are many concealers; it is good to be with the one which suits you. There is a lot of variety in the color of concealers in the market and every color have its own specialty for different skin tone.

3. Blush
The blusher is important to make your face more attractive. It is one of the things that you must not forget to highlight the shape of your face. Pick up the right blush that suits your complexion and that must be based on your undertone.

4. Cc Cream
CC stands for color correcting, as the name itself suggests about the functioning of this. It provides the perfect brightness to your face, it hides the dark spots and yellowness of your face and giving a beautiful toned face.

5. Foundation
Foundation acts as a moisturizer, sunscreen to provide you the base for makeup. It helps to make your skin look flawless and a safeguard for complex cosmetics.

6. Shimmering Powder
Shimmering powder is in trend nowadays, it helps to highlight your cheekbones making your face glittery. Like if you are going to attend a wedding ceremony then it is must to apply.

7. Brow Cosmetics
Never forget to give a touch up to your eyebrows we may forget it sometimes but it reflects a large change in our face if we make a change in our brows. So, brow cosmetics are must for giving your face a new look.

8. Mascara
Eyes can be more attractive if you are making use of Mascara, it gives a bold look to your lashes and highlighting your eyes.

9. Toner
Toner is the first thing that comes to mind when you start doing makeup. It helps to clean the dead cells and moisten the dry face. It removes the dirt and oil from your face, so cleansing is important before applying makeup.

10. Eye Pencil Collection
Eye pencil helps to give a warm texture to your eyelids; it makes your eyes more attractive. Flicking that out will give you the perfect edge and a thin line in bottom lash would be perfect for your whole eye makeup.

11. Mini Brush Set
If you want something so that you can carry it in your clutch you must have a mini brush set, it is really very comfortable and portable. So, be ready for the touch up even if you are going somewhere, do remember the synthetic fiber for your brush.

12. Curl Boss Lash
Curl your lashes to make your eyes look big, it makes half of your efforts for eye makeup, simple mascara over curled lashes will be perfect.

13. Palm Brush
Palm brush helps you to provide you a perfect grip and makes you more comfortable while applying concealer and primer. It also helps to give a perfect layer to makeup base.

14. Naked Collection
The nude color is the new trend, it goes well with the perfect skin tone there are ample of shades for it. It is one of the best collections that a girl should have in their makeup kit.

15. Lipstick Kit
Lipstick gives a perfect finishing to your makeup; you need to add some lip color to make your face more attractive. The red shade is always hot and looks super alluring for every dress you wear.

16. Blender Sponge
Blender sponge is one of the best tools to tone your face; it helps to make an accurate layer by blending the concealer appropriately on your face.

17. Moisturizer
Moisturizer helps to give your skin a supple and soft touch which makes your face light when you apply makeup over it. Moisturizer is a must after cleansing your skin, deep moistening keeps your skin hydrated.

18. Dusky Shade Eye Palette
The dusky color looks sexy and it looks even more amazing if it goes according to your dress.  Chose the one which is closest to your skin tone, if you want flawless eye makeup. Dusky colors add beauty to eyelids; try to make it less messy.

19. Contour Kit
There are some of the amazing skin highlighters if you chose according to the type of makeup that you have opted, it gives a slaying and sexy look to your face. Bronze booster highlight and woody almond are the best shades that are in trend now.

20. Beauty Box
Yes, for keeping these stuff together you must need this beauty box. It makes simple for you to arrange and use, rather making your make up kit a messy one.

21. Cleaning Kit
You should put a different kit for cleansing material so that you can get that kit as soon as you to your bed it will be easier for you to find it. Well, you should take care that your cleansing products are branded as well and try to get some natural products like raw milk for cleansing.

22. Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow helps to make your face more attractive, the eyes spread their magic as you apply the eyeshadow, it is necessary to blend two shades in a balancing way. It is best if you are trying a natural shade, go for it if you love being natural.

Eyeliner outlines your eyelid and creates a great impression to your face and to flaunt the beauty of your eyes add some shimmer to it.

24. Daily Use Lip Balm
It is one of the things which every girl holds with her and there is nothing bad in it. It pampers your lips and helps to moisten your lips regularly; Maybelline is the best brand that i have used till now.

25. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is another thing which a girl must use and the girls who are addicted to makeup never forget this. It is the only best friend in summers.

26. Brush Kit
Brush kit should be with you, as you apply the makeup every edge requires a different angle for application. It can be a primer or contour but a brush kit is must.

27. Compact Collection
It can be nude or other light shade that goes with your skin tone; this can be the best way of adjusting your damp face. Compact always have a backup to restore whole makeup.

28. Glossy Lipper
Glossy Lipper provide your lips a sexy look, which every girl loves to use and it is better to apply over a bright lipstick though it does not look good always but you should try it.

29. Face Serum
Face serum is helps for cleansing and toning your skin, it brings glow to your face. You can use serum before going to bed as well.

30. Lip Liner
Applying lip liner before applying lipstick prevents the color from feathering it is the best tool for a safeguard while applying lipstick. Simply applying lip liner can also look perfect but for that your lips should be perfect.

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