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25 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

1. Shopping
You should take someone with you, if it is a woman then it would be much better. Take your mother or your bridesmaid with you as women have much better choice related to color combination and they know what would be more suitable for you.

2. Efforts for Dress
You should put some efforts before buying your wedding dress, check your comfort level first. Collect the pictures of the designs and style you like. There are some of the online sites from where you can take some idea for your dress. So, while shopping for your dress you will not find it hard to select or any confusion regarding the dress.

3. Take Advice
You can take advice from professionals, they are experienced one. They will solve half of your confusions regarding the style as well as color of your wedding dress.

4. Things You Do Not Want
Be particular about the things you want in your dress. Do not feel hesitated if you have something new and unique in your mind. Try it out maybe it looks more gorgeous on you, experiment on it before wedding day.

5. Do Not Overdo
We all know that less is best. If you are trying something unique do remember that you are satisfied with it. Too much of that the dress and the accessories you are wearing can make you look overdone. Try out the simple accessories, though unique it will look beautiful and perfect.

6. Month of The Year
Season of your wedding should be kept in mind. It is the most important thing to be considered while doing any of the preparation of the wedding. Keeping the season in mind, the look for the fabric of the dress and style for it. You should be comfortable for what you are wearing.

7. Take Time
Do not hurry while shopping for your dress. Try one after another if you are not satisfied with one. Relax a bit and take time to find your perfect wedding dress.

8. Color
Keep in mind the color of your dress, that should be a little unique from other guests or your relatives. Twinning on your wedding with any guest is a bad idea. Take a fabric swatch, you will need to match it with your wedding decors like flower, shoes etc.

9. Fittings
Make sure that you are taking shoes with you that you will be wearing on your wedding day. They are required while giving your measurements to make sure that the length and other fittings.

10. Final Fitting Check
You should check out the final fittings of your dress a week prior so that you can make changes if you want any in the dress. If you have some weight loss after your first fitting, then you will be able to do changes without any hurry.

11. Packing Your Dress
You should know how your dress should be packed. It may be flat or hanging. Ask if it can be ironed and that will help you for the transportation of your dress from your home to venue.

12. Transportation
Ask about the dress, that how you should transport your wedding dress if it should be kept in a suitcase or any cover. Do remember that your dress is not creased. If it is creased during transportation, then try to find best ways to get the creases out. Get it pressed and steamed for creaseless and perfect look your dress.

13. Off the Rack Dress
If you are buying the “off the rack” dress, then I need more alterations. More alteration includes more time and extra money. Well, it is your special day if you are loving it just g for it.

14. Full Dress Rehearsal
Practice the movements in your dress. Check out if you are comfortable in it or not. You can try this out in the venue, walking practice is must with your shoes on. You can also practice your dance moves if you are prepared with any.

15. Perfect Alterations
Make sure that all your alterations are perfect. The dress should be perfect in first alteration. Remember If the dress is given too many times for alteration then it may lose its shape and style.

16. No To Workouts
If you are doing heavy workouts then you should stop, the extra weight loss will affect the shape of your dress. Do not go on a drastic weight loss, all your fittings are waste if you trying to do so.

17. Trendy
You should go through the latest trends in wedding dresses and other style. But you should not be too concerned regarding about that. While choosing a perfect wedding dress, make sure that it is comfortable and looks flattering to you.

18. Back of Your Dress
Give a look at the back of your wedding dress too, this is what your guests will be seeing while you walk or while you are taking vows in the platform.

19. Designer Dress
If you are looking for the designer dress make sure that he is experienced one. Professional dressmakers are required for making the perfect wedding day dress to make your day special. It is not important that designer dresses are necessarily better because they are expensive. It means that you should be up with the designer who is experienced.

20. Setting of Your Wedding
Before selecting your wedding day dress, keep in mind the settings of your wedding. Do check if your wedding has a traditional taste or it is just casual.

21. Budget
Figure out the budget of yours and then match it. Remember you or savings for your dress and do not try on dresses that fall out of your budget. As we know wedding day dress can only be worn once in the lifetime so rather than being disappointed, be a little money minded.

22. Fabric for Designer Dress
If you are opting for a designer dress, then you should know that it will cost you more. You need to buy your own fabric, keep in mind that too many underlays and linings are required. A lot of extra material is required to make those large skirts and full plates. And it also requires frills and linings underneath.

23. Hooks and Laces
Check out that hooks and laces in your dresses do not hurt you. If your skin is sensitive, then you should tell it to your designer about that. Make sure that the laces go fine with your dress and you are comfortable in it.

24. Accessories
The choice of accessories should be perfect as it can also spoil your overall look. Ensure that your wedding dress looks more beautiful and enhanced with gorgeousness after you put on your accessories.

25. White Gown Problems
White clothing is tricky sometimes if you shop online then it becomes more difficult to understand if something will be sheer on the represented photo. If the inner garment linings are visible from the dress or not. So, keep each and every detail in mind before buying anything online especially your wedding dress.

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