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25 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Partner Melt

All girls want their boyfriend to love them and all girls want to be irresistible to their boyfriend but how? They do many efforts to make their boyfriend want them more but are putting their efforts in the right direction? To make your boyfriend want you more than ever you need to know what guys really want from their partner. There is a difference between men and women physically, mentally and emotionally and once we know it, it will be easier to get the key to his heart and make him melt. Here are some ideas which will help you.

1. Give Gifts
Not talking about some expensive and fancy gifts but the small and meaningful ones. Give him something he has been wanting for a long time or give him some photo framed of you guys or of his family or anything which is close to his heart. Try to make the gift rather than buying it because it’s your effort which will win his heart not your money which you will spend to buy the gift.

2. Buy Tickets to The Place He Wants to Go
Is there any place, country, game show he wants to go? Buy tickets for you two and surprise him. Wait and see him jumping with excitement and saying “man you are awesome!”

3. Talk Sexy to Him
Dirty talks? Yes! Guys just love it. Send him a sexy text when he is in his office, don’t be too vulgar keep it sexy. He will rush to home to see you after this ;). Say something sexy out of a sudden while he is doing something and wink at him. He will want you more after this.

4. Wear the Dress He Likes On You
Take out some time, get ready and wear something which he loves and make the situation sexy. Pour some wine for you two, play his favorite music, wait for the right moment and plant a soft kiss on him. He will surely melt after this.

5. Create Memories
It can be anything like learning something new together, going on some adventure, playing together or anything. Try to do new things together, be crazy with each other, dance, jump, cry, laugh, do everything together and be his favorite person.

6. Understand What He Wants
Misunderstanding is the poison for any relationship. Try to avoid any kind of misunderstanding between you two. If he is saying that he is busy right now, or if he is feeling sleepy, let him. Don’t start fighting with him, when he will get free time he will talk to you don’t worry for that. Understand his situation and be supportive, he will love you for this.

7. Give Him Some Space
Don’t be too sticky. Let him enjoy his personal space and don’t try to interrupt in everything. Don’t make him feel that he is in jail or he is being controlled by you. Let him enjoy time with his friends also and don’t try to spy on him. When he will be happy with his life then only he will love you.

8. Watch Sports with Him
We know how much guys love watching sports. Give him company when he is watching sports and let him know that you are interested in his hobbies. Let him enjoy the company of his two favorite things; sports and you.

9. Massages
When he is tired, massage his legs softly or his head if he is having a headache. Don’t think that why should I touch his feet, you love him don’t you? Then why is this a big deal for you. Make him happy and use your massages his medicine for stress.

10. Ask Him About His Fantasies
Yes, you heard it right. Many of us have our own fantasies and your boyfriend also might have one. Ask him about his fantasy and try to do it. You will really blow his mind after he sees you doing it after all guys like it sexy ;).

11. Relive Your Childhood
We all love our childhood and miss it. Try to relive your childhood days with him. Ask him which cartoon shows he used to love when he was a kid and watch that with him, laugh and drown in romance.

12. Love His Family
Love his family like you love yours. Take his family matters seriously, give respect to them and show your care for his family. Family is very important for everyone so if you will love his family like you love yours, he will love you more.

13. Like His Friends
You love your friends, don’t you? how will you feel if someone says bad about them? Yeah, I know how you will and so will your boyfriend if you won’t like his friends. Friends are like our family so like his friends and make his friends like you too.

14. Compliment Him
Give him a compliment on his looks, hard work. Tell him that you are proud of him, he will feel happy.

15. Play Intellectual Games
Try something different, play mind games, don’t be a dumb girl in front of him because obviously guys want their girlfriends to be intelligent.

16. Play Strip Poker
Naked games? He will love it.

17. Make Him Laugh
Don’t be boring, bring fun and laughter in your relationship so that he will want you more.

18. Ask Him About His Future Plan
Ask him what his plans for the future are and try to support him with that and give advice if you can. Show him that you are interested in his life.

19. Help Him in His Work
If he is busy and stressed because of his work, help him. Ask him if he needs any help and do it. Reduce his work pressure so that he will admire you more.

20. Take Care of Your and His Health
Being healthy is the key to lead a happy life. Take care of both of your health and show him that you are concerned about him also.

21. Don’t Be Too Bossy
Nobody likes to be controlled. So, don’t be too bossy with him, be his partner not his boss.

22. Romantic Date
Sometimes it’s good to cherish your love in a typical romantic way. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner for you two and enjoy the night with him.

23. Be Independent
Don’t be too dependent on your boyfriend for everything. Take responsibility for your own life, make yourself happy, be serious about your own career because guys love independent girls who take charge of their own life.

24. Show Your Care but Not Too Much
Don’t show too much care for him like don’t ask every time that he ate or not or anything otherwise he will get irritated.

25. Don’t Fall Him Love, Rise in Love Together
The most important thing for the success of any relationship is this. We have seen many cases that after coming to a relationship, many people harm their studies and career; never do that. Motivate your partner always, bring positivity in his and your life and make each other your strengths. Always rise in love, together.

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