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20 Signs That He Definitely Likes You

1. He Texts You Back Instantly
While, if we talk about texting then if he texts you back instantly when you text him then it implies that he is attracted by you and Is willing to talk to you without waiting.

2. He Texts You First
If he texts you first, keeping his egoistic attitude aside them, he surely likes you. It indicates that you matter him the most as compared to his ego.

3. He Likes to Listen About Your Day
When a guy likes to listen about your day, then definitely he is into you. He may even find your boring talks, interesting one. He is always ready to listen to you and how you feel.

4. He Tells You First If Anything Big Happens
He will be desperate to tell you first if something great happens to him. He will love to share his happiness with you. If he even tells you the small things, then trust me he is really into you.

5. If He Is Jealous
You can check it out yourself, that jealousy if you are chilling with some other guy. If he notices you and is jealous if you are friendly with another dude then there is no second thoughts to this, he definitely likes you.

6. His Possessiveness
Their possessiveness is the proof that they are deeply into you. You will get a pretty clear image if he is possessive about your small things. If he pampers you a little more, more than others and is ready to share his food with you take into account that he is falling for you.

7. He Open Ups His Personal Feelings
Your communication length can tell you that how important you are to them. If they talk to you all day, then you can identify that how close he is becoming o you. He will try his full efforts to make those conversations more interesting. But if he opens his heart out and shares his feelings with you then remember you are the special one for him and he likes to be with you.

8. If He Stalks You
If he likes you then he must also have tried to stalk you. It may be on social media site, but you will get to know if he is making efforts to talk to you.

9. Never Fails to Remember Your Birthday
He will remember every bit about you or everything related to you including your birthday. He will make sure to make that day more memorable for you, if he does then he definitely loves you and you need to have the patience to let him understand what he feels about you.

10. He Is Willing to Talk to You A Little More
he will find a way to talk to you a little more and will surely put his efforts to continue the conversation. Even your “byes” will take half an hour to actually id them goodbye, he is doing this because he really does not want to end it.

11. His Eye Contact
His eye contact will put half of your dilemmas down. If he locks his eyes with yours, then he is definitely into you. His deep stare into your eyes is enough to tell you what he wants to stay. Maybe he is fantasized by your looks and likes you.

12. He Will Try to Know Your Likes and Dislikes
He will try to understand you by asking your likes and dislikes. He will pay attention to what you say, he will try to figure out your choices and positive things which you like.

13. Put You as Priority
When a guy is dedicated to one girl then he loves to spend his most of the time with that girl. You can check it out when you are in a group, if he gives you the priority then you are special. Your plans may get inclusive; he will find some plans for two of you only. This indicates that he is finding out the way to spend some time with you.

14. His Body Language
it is proven that body language tells more about a person. It expresses the person more than the words do. Notice if he mimics your behavior or if he is shifting his face towards you to see you. Keep an eye over these actions of him and you will get to know if that guy really likes you or not.

15. Being His Gentlemen
You will notice the change in behavior of that guy like he is being less nonchalant or paying you some more attention, especially when you two are in public. He will not ignore you just to talk with his friends and his being gentle with you by giving you more attention probably means he likes you.

16. He Pays Attention on Your Looks
If the comments on your looks then it implies that your looks bother him. He might compliment on your dress or hair, he will appreciate your looks and dressing sense and that are excellent indicators that he has fallen for you.

17. Loves to Chill Out With You
If a guy loves to chill out with you, it is crystal clear that he wants to know you more. He wants to make bond stronger with you, otherwise he must have asked someone else for the same. He really likes to spend his time with you that is why you are getting his undivided attention.

18. His Frequent Glances on You
You can catch him up glancing at you, one or two is good but the frequent glances are the signals about his heart which is felling for you. He will stare you quietly maybe flattered over your looks. His glances are the proof that he is not able to put his eyes off from you.

19. His Blushing
Blushing is an appropriate sign to tell you that what you said or your actions do matter to that person. If any of your compliment makes him blush, then definitely he is liking you. He may also start flirting with you and he will be genuine about it and too expressive.

20. Makes You Laugh When You Are Low
You will notice that yours being sad will be hated by him. He will make his full efforts to make you smile when you feel down well, that is amazing. You will get to know that your smile matters him the most and it is one of the favourite things to him 

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