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15 Ways to Make Him Addicted to You

Attachment and love are two different things yet they feel similar somehow. You should know the difference between them before you conclude anything. If you are close then only you must have initiated to search this on Google and here you go with some of the tips you should keep in mind if you want yourself to be in his mind. Oh! Did you notice that these lines rhyme? Well, let's come to the main point. Here are some of the ways by which you can make him close to you.

1. Do Not Try to Change Him
If you just want to come closer with that person then you should never ever try to change him. Just imagine what if he asks you to change your dressing sense just because he does not like it or tells you to change your behavior because you do not act like the way he wants it will be so intolerable isn't it? It is so upsetting if someone tries to change us, let it be. Love the way he is and you should remember that you liked him for the way he is. So, to make your relationship worthy you should surely love your partner as they are.

2. Open Up More
It is the best way to attach your strings permanently with that guy; you should open up with them like as much as you can. By this you will get to know him deep. Let yourself share the things with him and let him tell you more about himself. Create a comfort zone for him so he does not feel shy or hesitated when he talks to you. This will definitely make him attracted to you and he will feel comfortable to share his experience or other things with you. It is a good way to make him feel more for you without any awkwardness.

3. Share Your Secrets
The best relationship happens when you share your inner feelings with each other; if you are expecting that guy to open up with you then you should also share your secrets to him. Get to know each other's deepest secrets this will help to build an extraordinary bond between you two. The bond will be stronger day by day because if you start sharing something it can become habit. You can discuss about your past as well as much as you will open up the more you will know about each other.

4. Get to Know His Mood Swings
Understanding each other takes a lot of time but is never too difficult to do so.  If you want to be with him then you should definitely know each other very well this will help you to make him understand that you can handle their mood swings. You should know his seriousness and jolly nature.

5. Be A Good Listener
You should be a good a good listener, this will express that you are interested in him. It is the best indicator that you really love to listen them. This will show that you are with them in their good and bad days. He will surely tell you every detail about his day; he will love to share his happiness and sorrow with you.

6. Keep Your Interest Constant
To make your relationship less boring and sour, you should keep the interest constant. Many of the relationships get broken just because of this reason so, you must be aware of this. Keeping interest in him will make you closer to him and he will get to know that you really like to be with him. Make the vibes so strong that he gets attracted to you every time he talks to you. Discuss about the mutual interest can help you to understand him more.

7. Make Him Smile
Do not miss any moment to make him laugh, your efforts to make him smile can be a reason that he will love to be with you. You can create a company which is best for him, you sense of humor can work for this. His smile will matter if you are really in love with him and it will matter you the most if you are the reason to it.

8. Give Him Space
It is important to give him space and time because being on his face day and night can be weird. You will love it but it is not important that he loves it too. Be some more busy, this can act as test to check if he feels same for you and if he is already addicted to you then he will make efforts to be with you all time.

9. Get to Know His Hobbies
You should know about his hobbies and if you are not aware of that then you should start knowing about his interest. You can make him happy like if he loves any dish or dessert you can get him one; this will indicate that you are really caring and loving person for him.

10. Show the Best Version of Yours
If you have any inner talent then let him know so that he can also admire you. It will show your passion and the best qualities within you. He must know about your nature but he should also know about the other things you can do like if you know how to play guitar then you can play for him and sing as well.

11. Be Confident
Being confident will act like a pill to make him addicted towards you, this will express your charm and alluring nature. Remember that you should be confident, being overconfident can be a reason for turn off which is a bad idea. Make sure that you are confident in the way you speak, the way you talk, the way you dress and the way you interact with the people.

12. Dress Well
Your dressing sense can be a major thing, you should be confident about the way you are dressing. Dressing is not about the dress you are wearing but the way you are wearing it. Try not to overdress, choose bright simple colors from your wardrobe. Your dressing sense is a showcase of your inner feelings and nature.

13. Smile More
Smile more when he is around you or when you are with him. This will show that you love being with him. Smile is the best way to show your inner beauty. It is said that girls look even more beautiful when they smile and maybe he is addicted to your smile.

14. Appreciate His Decisions
Respect his decisions; try not to get too much involve in his choices. Let it be, his likes and dislikes should be his own, remember that choosing you was also one of his decision. Make sure that you motivate him and his decisions.

15. Makeup Can Work
You can work out on yourself to make him addicted towards you, light makeup can work for it. Try not to get too much layers of makeup, keep it natural and beautiful. Use some light blush, mascara and lipstick and this is enough to flaunt your natural beauty.

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