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14 Things To Know Before You Get Engaged

Engagement is the symbol of the new life for a couple. It symbolizes the acceptance of each other. When the two people get engaged than those two soul color each other with the color of loyalty and faithfulness. That ring holds the acceptance for the marriage proposal of a man to his queen, who takes her heart from the whole world.
We all know that “anything new” signifies prosperity and harmony. The engagement ceremony is the pre-wedding ritual which is must for any couple to start their life with that peace and harmony. It is possible that you may get quite good time after engagement to understand each other more or you may get less time. It is important to have some experience or share your experience together. Though getting engaged is exciting as well. The span between engagement and your wedding will tell you many things about your partner very closely like their likes and dislikes, thoughts and views. For the girls especially, if they get a long time after the engagement they get more time to spend with their family. The time after getting engaged helps to make a proper decision regarding your future whereas for family members it is the time to prepare for the wedding day.

1. Half Of Her/him
After the engagement, you will find that you are now a part of someone. That ring on your finger will remind you that you are half of your partner’s now. It will give beauty to your life and will remind you the presence of someone who loves you in your life.

2. Confronting Past And Forgetting It
Though a, after getting engaged you will get enough time to do all the wedding preparations and also the time to forget about your past, whatsoever happened in your past should not reflect in your present happiness. Count the things which are making your present so much great and filled with goodness. Realize the value of engagement in your life.

3. More Faith In Love
Love seems perfect when you have someone to makes you feel so, engaging someone you love, spills the ocean of love in each other in such a creative way that you build a strong bond and that results in having more faith towards love and also with your partner.

4. Get To Know Each Other’s Family
Knowing each other is obviously good, but your married life will be more prodigious if you get to know each other’s parents as well. If you try to spend some time to know each other’s family, you will be successful in making half of your decision regarding your future and you will have no doubt left for your decision.

5. Each Other’s Quality
It helps to give you time to know each other’s likes, dislikes, views, and perceptions. You will come to know if your cup of coffee belongs to your partner too and if it does then you can be an upcoming amazing couple.

6. Living Habits
This can be the one which is really very important. You should know each other’s living habits so that they do not disturb your family life. Knowing each other’s living habits is much important which will make you aware of the further adjustments to be made.

7. Plan For Future
By this time, you can also know the further plans of each other. Some of the decisions that should be taken together, you can plan them. Ask for each other's views on having children or further life.

8. Who Is More Dominant?
Well, that is the main point, you will get to know the dominance level of your partner by this time, for any decision, be it your wedding plans or decors you can observe the dominating nature and can have an idea about your further life.

9. Their Hobbies
After knowing about the qualities of each other you should also know the extras that they like, like if they like your type of music, their favorite dish, and place. You both can share your experience towards your life. Take a chance to put transparency between each other so that it may not trouble you in the future.

10. Their Behavior More Closely
You will get to know about your partner’s behavior more closely. It is good to have some idea regarding their behavior like if they are not too aggressive then it can be a perk for your whole life.

11. Know The Quirks
 It can be too good for your whole life if you get some idea regarding the worst qualities of your partner, you love them as they are it is so awesome to share your life by accepting each other’s flaws and still love them unconditionally.

12. Spending Nature
Discussing your savings and budgets let it be regarding your wedding, you will get all the calculations related to their spending habits. Get it all on your table before your wedding. There is no room for money secrets for a husband and wife.

13. Tackling The Complexity
You will realize the power of getting together. You will get to know the problem handling nature of your partner, find out how they tackle any complexity in their or your life. Well, that “togetherness” of you two is enough to handle any problem in your upcoming life.

14. Their Dreams Are Yours Now

 You should realize that if you love them unconditionally and are ready to spend your whole life with them, hold tier hand in every situation of life then you are for him/her now and their dreams are yours now.

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